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Anybody has seen Tom Yun Gun?

Last week I have seen this movie on star movies. A nice action movie from thailand. Anybody has seen it?
I wonder how many people are going to see this topic and get confused.

For reference the European Release of this movie had the title "Warrior King".

It stars Tony Jaa and it is NOT a sequel to Ong-bak.

And now to actually answer your question Smile

Yea I've seen it, it's not bad, Tony Jaa is fantastic again in it, and the Free Running parts of the movie are beyond compare.

As an action movie it deffinately passes, personally am more looking forward to his next movie. He'll be showing his weapon work in it, which should be much more interesting to see.
I did. Not that I was anything mighty impressed. But I dnt like martial arts movies anyways, maybe thats why I couldn't do justice to the movie, I guess.
Thank u lusipher for the additional informations.Actualy this was my first movie of tony jaa.He has done a nice job.So I wanted to share my feelings with you people. Very Happy
In that case get a copy of Ong-Bak from somewhere.

It's a better fight movie because it lacks the OTT fighting from Tom Yun (stick the bones to his arms is the main OTT fight).

There is a strong chance he is going to be the next "Jet Li" of action movies, which going by these movies, ain't a bad thing.
The movie itself is nothing. But Tony Jaa and the fighting style is marvelous. It remind the time when Jacky Chan or Jet Li still consider martial art as a fighting style and as acting style.
Thailand action movie is better than Hongkong and Chinese action movie nowadays.
OK, I think you are talking about the film Tom Yum Goong (which is spicy, lemon grass / Shrimp / Ginger clear Soup for those of you interested to know what it means) (, but I'm just being pedantic!

The film is, in my opinion one of Thailand's greatest film's to have made it out into the "mainstream"... the choreography of the fight scenes is spectacular as is the on location filming in Thailand.

I was lucky enough to meet the 2nd STAR (!) of the Film "Chang" the Elephant in a santuary / Elephant Camp about 2 hours from Bangkok in Ayutthia, along with a number of other Elephants from the "Silver Screen" as well as small screen.

Tony Jaa's co-star Petchtai Wongkamlao ( has made some excellent films in recent years - although you may be hard pushed to find them outside Thailand (they are very protective of their media and stars in case the bigger money tempts them abroad it seems!), one of which is called The BodyGuard 2 - which has a very funny cameo role from Tony Jaa - if you see it, you will have to watch the supermarket fight scene - it is hilarious!

As a non Thai speaker (beyond that of ordering food, drink and whatever else Bangkok is famous for!) I do find these films sometimes a little hard to watch given thier reluctance to use English Subtitles on most DVD releases - and given the fact that the most popular medium for movie release still seems to be VCD which carries no subtitles in English at all, BUT Tom Yum Goong stands out for it's minimal dialogue, making it easy for a "Farang" to sit down and watch.

Closing point, while not carrying the budgets of Hollywood and the reluctance to move away from the "Oriental Girl with white face" horror genre that seems so popular out here, Thailand does have a flurishing movie business with some worthy titles out there that should be seen at any opportunity.
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