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England v Brazil

Ok, so there were some positives to take out of the game. England were (for the most part) very tight defensively and even looked solid in midfield... The team is definately lacking something though and not just a solid offensive partnership.

And for the love of all that is holy, can we please get rid of Lampard. I'm sorry, I really am because I used to be a big fan of Lampard... He's the only Chelsea player I genuinely like, but he's no longer the footballer he once was.

Anyway, thoughts and impressions?

What do the side need to build on if they are ever going to be serious title contenders?
I don't have seen this game but england was the better team i have heard. It was a game which was ruled by Beckham...
England cannot beat Brazil sadly, it just isn't meant to happen! Laughing The marking by England was all over the place but at least we did have some spells we can take SOME pride out of.
Beckham back again, there he is.

To bad he is leaving for America. He plays very well last matches.
Patriot Players
I was disappointed when I heard about Beckhams return. If England has to rely on an old player that they already dropped once in order to win matches, they are clearly in trouble. Isnt there any new talent in the country for them to draw from? We'll see what happens when Beckham moves to LA.
Yes, beckham. Can england do without Beckham?? Seems like FA is pushing too hard to market this guy. Although he does prove vital in the midfield, but, there ARE other players such as Joe Cole and Roonie!!! Give them a chance to prove themselves! Nobody is born a talent - sometimes. Becks is history! His move to LA indicates his career is in retirement stage. He should enjoy life with his kids and wife. Do some coaching. And maybe bring up the level of soccer in states. But as far as i know, england will need becks. Why? Market is big.
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