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Partion deleting

i want to delete 1 partion and add that free space to c: without loosing c:
is this possible and how do i do it?
if you're using XP, right click on your My computer then select manage. Computer Management window will appear. Click on the storage tree on the left side of the window and you will find the Disk Management utility. Click on it and it'll show you the complete detail about your Hard drive including the number of partitions you have.

select the partition that you want to delete then right click and select Delete logical Drive/Delete partition.

the rest, its up to you. you try using other advance partition managers like partition magic.

for more info visit
You can delete the unwanted partition directly from diskmgmt.msc but you won't be able to expand the C: drive to accommodate the new space (unless you're on Vista).

Partition Magic is a good tool, you can resize your drive to accommodate the free space without losing data.
Another good disk partitioning tool is the Ubuntu live CD
It has a disk partitioner on it that you can use like Partition Magic - just boot up with the CD and when it goes into Ubuntu, go Administration->Partition Editor. You should be able to edit partitions from there.
Yes, but in that case I think you lose the original XP /NTFS/FAT32 partition.
So be carefull!
No no no. What you are suggesting is GParted, and for the sake of stability it must be run from its own live-cd; the version included as part as the Ubuntu installer is inherently old and in my case will freeze because I do not have enough RAM to keep the Ubuntu installer entirely in RAM plus GParted. Further the GParted cd has more options. Rako you can download the latest version from sourceforge: You may then delete your additional partition and resize hda1 (assuming as it is the default) to the full capacity of your hdd (or as you wish). I recommend you familiarize yourself with their documentation on how to save error outputs and screenshots to a usb mass storage device, just in case.

I believe the commands to mount it are (going from memory)
#mkdir /tmp/usb
#mount /dev/sda1 /tmp/usb
As far as I know, GParted won't work. This is because even with ntfstools, GParted doesn't have the capabilities to resize/move NTFS partitions. If you are talking about FAT32, then that would be alright. But not for NTFS partitions. If you want to resize NTFS partitions, then you would need Norton PartitionMagic or similar advanced partitioning tools. Note that you would need to reboot before the partitioning starts (boot-time partitioning). Also, I recommend you to image your drive using some backup utility in case something bad happens.
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