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Traveling Around the World on Rail and Sea...

I was doing some Googling on the Trans Siberian Railway when I found this excellent site describing how to go about such a journey, supposed to be one amongst the top 3 longest train journeys in the world!

I really want to take a long trip on such a railway and see some wonderful countries.. not just fly around to a single place and visit nearby sites only.. I feel that is how travel should be for tourism purposes. What do you feel?
^Exactly the same way. But I think that even watching scenery go by in a train is being too far removed from the reality of the places you're going through. For most of the trip, you could experience just as much of the countries by looking at them through a TV screen, rather than through a window.

My solution; I'm going to walk. I find that actually walking through a place, giving you time to see, smell, touch, and even taste everything is the best way to experience the place.

Another interesting way to go round the world would be in a small sailboat. I know a person on another forum who wants to go around the world that way.
We did the Transiberian two years ago, it was really great! Seat61 was our main source of informaiton when planning our trip...
We actually went all the way from The Netherlands to Singapore by road... Mostly rail until Laos then buses to Bangkok, then back to rail. I loved all of it. I especially recommend a stop in Mongolia as it is one of the most amazing places I have ever visited and dito for Cambodia and Laos.... All wonderful places. China is beautiful, but there is a lot of crap you have to deal with - the language being the most obvious one, but things such as the food and the toilets take their toll too.
The train from Russia was really fun, we met heaps of people and were constantly entertained by the Russian who shared our cabin....
I'm so glad someone posted this topic!! I'm going the opposite way to most people, east-west in mid-Jan, after i spend a month snowboarding in Hokkaido, Japan.
I would really like to start the leg by getting a boat from Japan to either Vladivostok or Beijing, although i'm having trouble since i don't really want to backtrack to SW Japan to the main ports.
I have found one carrier, SASCO, that leaves from Otaru, Hokkaido and ends up in Vanino, Russia. Vanino is pretty much smack bang between the main railway lines Amur and Vladivostok, but still has a connection to the transsib. It should be quite an adventure if i don't have too much trouble getting my visa.
Anyone had trouble getting a tourist visa if you aren't departing from a major station like Vladivostok?
That sound awesome. Can you get off the train where ever you want and get back on when your ready or do you have to go all the way through? I wouldn't want to do a through trip. I have only taken the California Zephyr from San Fran to Denver and I've hopped freight trains through the southern states. But what your doing sounds pretty epic.
But yea, i agree with dude, you have to get off that train and actually see it, not just view it. Or else its all for naught.
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