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Corrupt CD-ROM driver

My friend has recently acquired a Compaq PC running Vista and the CD drive has stopped working. Device manager says the driver is missing or corrupt. Trying to browse the local disk for drivers gives the message "There was a problem while trying to update the driver".

This particular PC is not connected to the internet & it would be extremely inconvenient to try to connect it.

The device is a HL-DT-ST DVDRRW GSA-H20L ATA. I've tried searching the net for that & can't find anything.

Has anyone got any ideas where we can get the driver?
Forget this thread.

I eventually found the driver but when we tried to install it we got the message "Your PC is not configured with this device" so it's obviously more serious than we thought. PC is going back to the shop tomorrow.
Have you tried right clicking on the drive in device manager and selecting 'uninstall' then reboot the pc and it should reinstall the driver.
I've tried re-installing the driver. The driver file has been corrupted somehow.
uninstall all drivers... by right click the cd drive icon. or by device manager... select show hidden drivers... then select uninstall... then restart.. then it will automatically take driver from the os installation. it also may be by os file corrupt.. in that situation, repair your os by your os cd..
To DoctorBeaver:

Compaq has an issue regarding driver problems. It is not so easy to install a driver or a device in a Compaq pc. It has it's own driver and devices which means you have to go to compaq each time you got an issue. My suggestion: If possible then sell that pc to someone else and buy a non-branded machine with AMD processor. The configuration should be:
Processor : AMD Athlon 1500+ or above
Motherboard : Asus make for AMD (preferably with 6 pci slots and
AGP 4x slot)
RAM : 512 MB DDR (min.)
HDD : 120 GB Western Digital or Hitachi (Seagate has some issues)
DVD-Writer : Preferably Liteon but any other make will be OK
SMPS : 400 watts (min.)
Monitor : 17" (preferably Dell or Samsung Syncmaster Series)

The above configuration is for a 2nd hand machine when the budget is low. But, the configuration itself is not a low end. You can do video editing, music authoring and lot more. Moreover upgradation with AMD is very easy. For more details, google 'Comparison between AMD and Intel'. For your information, AMD is called as 'Global Nightmare of Intel'. Smile
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