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Spidey 3 + Pirates - Worlds end, + More :O

Sorry for my grammer, heh, well did anyone see them?

Here's my opionon's and comments:

Spiderman 3- I thought it was a bit "crappy," I thought it had to much romance, and not enough ACTION! Blah, I was dissapointed, at some parts, (won't ruin it).

Pirates: I thought this movie was good! Although sad at the end. The movie had alot of action, which is good, and of course "Chow Yun Fat Smile ." Although near one party during the battle with the giant, I didn't really understand where she went... Neutral

Up Commings Movies what I wanna see:
Rush Hour 3
Simpsons the Movie
Die Hard 3
Resident Evil.

And the rest of you ? What movies do you guys wanna see, and how'd you think of those two movies? Neutral
2007 seems to have lots of big budget movies coming , you forgot to mention Transformers and Fantastic Four 2. Im looking forward Transformers, its a first take on a live action Transformwers movie, I wonder how it will translate well. As for Pirates and Spiderman, mostly sequels, nothing new to expect from their predecessors.
Spiderman 3 is only a sequel of the previous two. It is observed that usualy the quality of the movie falls as the sequence number increases Laughing except one or two exceptions like Terminator 2. So the things happened as expected.Nothing new.
BioRage wrote:

Up Commings Movies what I wanna see:
Rush Hour 3
Simpsons the Movie
Die Hard 3
Resident Evil.

I think you mean Die Hard 4 Razz And Resident Evil: Extinction!
Wow, POTC3 was awesome, but really long! Apparently 8 Hollywood sequels are coming out this year! I can't wait till Fantastic 4!
I seen Spidey 3... not the best, but I did sorta like it.

Seeing POTC3 this weekend.

Looking forward to Resident Evil Extinction alot, and can't wait for Die Hard 4 either. The trailers to both are great, and if (IF) the films keep the same adrenaline through out, they'll be classics.

Also wanting Rush Hour 3 to hurry up.

Not coming out this year, and probably not for 2 - 3 years (if at all) but urging New Line to make a Freddy vs Jason 2...
Pirates 3 is not open here until next Tuesday, I just can't wait to see it.
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