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Advertising a website - HOWTO?

What is the best way to get word out about a new website? I have found forums and such to be a popular method of advertising.

Another tactic I know is creating a signature that includes a homepage and then posting to forums.

I'm looking for any methods that do not involve paying for advertising space. It seems to me that payed online advertising isn't really very good. I think there are probably better ways.
it all depends what your website is about...

Word of mouth is best though
That's what I was getting at earlier. It really seems like paid advertising is a waste of money in the online conext.

Save some bucks and post to a forum and chances are you'll get some hits. I've had luck referencing my own website in my post. It's an obvious tactic, but it really does work.
Well, targeting your audience is the best bet.

If you're selling a product people normally look for, such as "mortgage" or "shoes", which people normally find with google, ads are a very good idea.

Ads also help build brand recognition...

But eh, if you just have a forum, or a blog, word of mouth FTW
You can list your site in Google for free. Google will create an index for your site which is a great way to make your site available to surfers. You should add a lot of key words so that people are attracted to your site while searching google.
oh yeah, that's something I took for granted... Razz

Having your site ranked highly on google is a must

that's obtained by obtaining link offs and networks with other sites. Like getting reviewed on blogs, etc.
guys how does exchanging links in each other websites works ? Because I have heard from many people that exchanging links with other sites can increase your rankings ?

Sorry for the newbie question, I'm one Wink
Wrong forum to ask this, but:

Google's page rank algorithm has a variable which is dependant upon the amount of sites which consider YOUR site to be important enough to link to
My girlfriend is trying to start her own business, she is brilliant as a singing coach, and she also does offers quite intense personal encouragement for people who wish to sing. Not in any particular style but in order to help them find and strengthen their own unique singing voice.

In this department she is great, however she is finding the business side of things rather more challenging. Her current "brainwave" on business strategy is to read the financial times every day. She believes that this will somehow give her the business acumen she needs to run a succesfull business in a totally unrelated sphere of commerce.

If anybody has any good tips for her on how to market or promote her creative enterprise then I would be very gratefull as I can hardly stand to watch her continuing to scrutinise the FT index in the hope she will be able to make her business as succesfull as a large new york stockbrokers.
is her business being a singing coach?

Maybe she should go to gigs in the locality, head up to the lead singer afterwards and say:

You're good, but you could be great! and then leave it at that and walk away
you can list your sites in quality directories and sites........
There are numerous methods to advertise a new website online.
Paid advertising (something relevant like AdWords) is the quickest way but isn't cheap.

Other options include submitting your site to directories, submitting linked articles to article submission sites, having your site url in your forum sigs, and exchanging links with other similar sites. That should get you started.
Online advertising is the never-ending science, we need to continually learn and continually running with them regularly. We must acknowledge the change of them as soon as possible.

I also have only some of experience about online advertising but not all.

Their are two kind of online advertising, one is paid and another is free.

Paid advertising :

- PPC advertising, this is the most popular using online however if you don't make good keyword research you will lost a lot.
- Paid for classified ads, this kind is seem to gain little ROI.
- Paid for get range well in Search Engine, this let your site shown on the first page in very few day.
- Paid for indexing in directory, this help your website reach high page rage (PR)
and more...

Free advertising :
- Submit your site to Search Engine and do SEO. This kind need good keyword research too.
- Write articles related to your website including keyword linking to your site and submit to article directories. This can help you get range well in Search Engine.
- Submit your site to web site directories. This can help you get range well in Search Engine too.
- Submit your site to free classified ads, this kind working not well.
- Built your mailing lists by give away something to persuade prospects to join with you as your subscribers. If you can do, this kind is very well.
- Join traffic exchange sites, this kind take a lot of your times.
- Forum posting like here you are.
- and more...

Most of all your site must get attention from your prospects and can persuade them to do something that make money to you.

Remember to do good keywords research if you decide to use PPC and do SEO.
Good keyword is keyword that high searching while low competitive.
Good keyword is keyword that surfer using to find something to buy, not keyword that surfer using to find something to learn.

Hopefully this useful.

Best Regards,
R. Apichart
I think ppc is the best way to advertise your website since it costs damn less than other mediums.
dbhai wrote:
I think ppc is the best way to advertise your website since it costs damn less than other mediums.

That right if you bid with right keyword and your web site can sell at first time visited. As I've posted...
"PPC advertising, this is the most popular using online however if you don't make good keyword research you will lost a lot." So if you can do, you will make a lot of profit in short time.
Using your site URL as your signature is also a nice idea. You can also submit it in various blogs, classifieds, articles etc, from which your would get sufficient traffic as well as google ranking....
Search engine optimization:
More of static than dynamic content
Interconnected web pages
Apt titles
Proper grammer

AQll these things will help ur page to get popular on search neghines and that would increase the hits.

Else just sign up for google adwords u will get huge hits per week but then u will have to pay for it as well.
akshar wrote:

AQll these things will help our page to get popular on search engines and that would increase the hits.
Else just sign up for google adwords u will get huge hits per week but then u will have to pay for it as well.

I agree with you "akshar" but, honestly I don't know what the AQll is, please, can you advice me. I'm alway got hard time to do SEO with most popular keywords I only success on low competitive keywords and that didn't gave me good results as my desirability.

Thanks in advance.
oh dear it was just a spelling mistake i meant ALL
Thanks for your reply "akshar", first I thought that's something I never known before.

Thanks a lot again "akshar".

Thanks everyone for your tips on website advertising! I have a site at where I do wholesale orders of permaculture-related books and plants and share the discounts with other people. I wat to start advertising the site more on the web, and this forum topic should help me out with that.

Thanks again!
Make comments on popular blogs and link to your site in as if it was part of what you were talking about. Also use free directories.
Don't forget about Target audience!!!
In order to advertise a website, I'd suggest figuring out what kind of meta keywords pertain to your site. Next, start submitting it to most, if not all of the major search engines. (they eventually search either other anyway, but it's still better to submit to all of them). You might also want to search around if there are other sites similar to yours, and if so, if there's a list of similar sites somewhere on the web.

I'm not too sure. but I don't think Google looks at the Meta Key words. I know its a good idea to have Long descriptive titles as these get indexed and show up as the first sentence in the search result.

cheers Possum..
Here are some great ways to do it:

1. Submit it to search engines.
2. Try to get it linked from as many sites as possible.
3. Submit it to directories.
4. Put well thought content.
5. Regularly update it.
6. Put it in forum and email signatures.
7. Start a forum or anything that will evoke interest in others.
8. Try to get it on Slashdot.
you want to make sure its updated regularly. your best visitors will not come back to check if you update 2 times a month. Even if you dont have much new to say, think of something and update. if your content is good, you will succeed. updates and quality content are necessary conditions, but alone they are not sufficient for a successful web site. thats where advertising your site comes in, but work on those two necessary requirements first.
Some people mentioned link exchange. Does anybody know which websites are the best to do this?

I think the most efficient way is to attack your users and make them want to visit more often next time. It is more cost efficient to make a new customer to visit your site once than to make an old customer to come back ten times. And therefore, the key thing for a new website is to make sure what this site is for and do as soon as possible everything to make the site as core as possible in the aimed field. Then together with google ad and post on various forums will start a good circle for marketing.

by the way, to find ally sites will be another stategies to consider, it can be a site with same interest but different focus, or it can be a site which will benefit from you and also do benefits to you in feedback.
here is a nice site offering info on this toopic ::
A lots of people told me that it could be interesting to put advertisement on your website once you reach a good level of notoriety. I will wait the time needed but once I reach this point, I will try to put some advertisement to see how much money I could earn.
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