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Subb vs Dubb

English Subb or Dubb?
 84%  [ 21 ]
 16%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 25

Man, my fingers are aching from typing so much today!

Speaking of type, for those who don't speak or just understand japanese, Which do you like better: Subb (english type, regular voices) or Dubb (English voices instead of Japanese)?

Example: For me, its mostly Dubb. I just feel more comfortable with my own language.

p.s. if your fingers ach too, or you just don't wanna say, you can do the poll.
Neither, because I watch both. Why does this question ALWAYS have to be a polarizing either/or debate? You know, it is possible to enjoy BOTH.

Also, it's 'Dub' and 'Sub' there slick. You're adding an extra b in each of them, why is that?
Dub. I'm hyperactive, and so I feel most comfortable NOT having to watch every second of the movie in order to catch the dialogue.

Sub, because sometimes an anime can get really edgy, and I don't want the people nearby to hear what the characters are yelling outloud. XD;;
Also, it's nice to hear a foreign language sometimes. It's easy to pick up phrases and such.
But I have no problem with dubs, really, except when someone else is in the room with me, and they start making fun of the terrible english voice-acting and I start to feel embarrassed. *-_-*
(ex. over-emphasized gasping, unnecessary sentences, whining, etc.)
sub of coz. i prefer original sound. sometimes dub cant really express the sentence they r saying.
It depends largely on what I'm doing while watching it, and what the original voices sound like. If I'm busy with something else, I'll watch the dub (unless it's particularly bad), but if not, I'll usually watch it subbed. However, there are some shows I just can't stand to watch the Japanese at all, like Rurouni Kenshin.
i prefer subs all the way! english dubs sounds wierd actually, compared to the original japanese voices. especially when a character has a japanese name (like chikako or kazunomiya) or a japanese phrase (like shinobi or hokage) and the english voices mispronouce them.


My native language is not english, but watching shows dubd in my own language sounds really weird to me. Most times I watch shows with subs or without if it is English
I prefer subs. I like it better if it's the original voice. and you can learn certain words.
subs... And I prefer soft sub ^^

Some Dubb version turned out to be very bad here...
Pikokola wrote:
subs... And I prefer soft sub ^^

I don't know of too many studios that release hard subs these days.
I perfer subbed anime, because I just like the Japanese voices better, and because I'm interested in the Japanese language and I like listening to it.
Hi there guys,

Ever since I started watching anime i always prefer subs. Not being an English native speaker, im quite used to read the subs and still watch the anime. True sometimes in some animes (specially in Ghost in the shell, in my case), i had to hit the pause once in a while to be able to entirely read the sub.

In my country the dubs are awful, terrible, horrifying and all other adjectives with a bad connotation. However there were two animes which i think they were VERY WELL dub (in my country language of course), Neon Genesis Evangelion and Rurouni Kenshin.

So, my vote goes to Subs.

Stay Cool everyone.
I get have two problems with subs and dubs:

-> I usually watch animes with english subtitles, which is not my main language, so, a little hard to me understand some words.

-> For me, the only problem for the Dubs are the translation and censored scenes.
Everybody heres agree that if we had good dubs, we wouldn't have fansubs.
Usually, the dubs isn't good as it need to be.
While I generally enjoy the japanese voice actors better (even if I can't understand a word they happen to be saying) -- it's easier for me to watch a dub while I'm working.

I can throw on a series or a movie, and I won't miss something important because my head is down because of inking or sketching. Smile

I don't see why it's still such a decisive issue, as Scaramanga also stated. Both have their pros and cons. The Bleach dub, IMHO, is a good example of American dubbing. Okay, a few of the voices, like Renji's are totally off...but for the most part? Sounds good to me! Smile

I prefer the Cowboy Bebop dub, too. Smile

@ Previous poster -- And no, I don't agree with that statement at all. My ex was a fansubber. They have NEVER fansubbed to compete with dubs / american distributors. Where did that come from? O.O

They now fansub so American fans can get their hands on shows far quicker than any American distributor can ever dream of (though they are improving..slowly.)

Fansubbing originally came into being because hardly ANYTHING was trickling over here. Just 10 years ago there was a dearth of available titles here in the US -- dedicated subbers were the only ways to get your hands on the rest of DBZ, Sailor Moon, and even Fushigi Yugi and Ruroni Kenshin for the longest time.

Same with a lot of scantilated manga. It's easy to forget, with how readily available it all is now...but there was a time, just a few years ago, when the manga section at B&N MAYBE consisted of Sailor Moon, Akira, and Blade of the Immortal.
I dunno, to me, dub = poop. There's some pretty good dubs out there (yes, I admit that, and no, I can't give an example), but the English-speaking ones can get the mood right most of the time....they just can't...
Scaramanga wrote:
Pikokola wrote:
subs... And I prefer soft sub ^^

I don't know of too many studios that release hard subs these days.

Lot's of anime fansubbers are releasing their release as hard sub, but sometimes they release the raw and *.ass files (the soft subs files separately) earlier
I like subs, mainly because of the fact that anything foreign will have referrences to things in their own culture. Dubs usually remove the refferences so they won't have to explain them. Subs, since there's already text on the screen, can explain the refference, or the meaning of a word, or things like that. Plus, like osmeone already said, you begin to pick up phrases by listening to a language and reading the translation.
Pikokola wrote:
Scaramanga wrote:
Pikokola wrote:
subs... And I prefer soft sub ^^

I don't know of too many studios that release hard subs these days.

Lot's of anime fansubbers are releasing their release as hard sub, but sometimes they release the raw and *.ass files (the soft subs files separately) earlier

I was strictly referring to legitimate studios, not fansubbers. And fansubbers are generally hardsubbed, because that's the nature of the beast (unless they're using OGM files that can include a subtitle stream.) And of course hard subbing allows them to do things like karaoke and different coloured text and fonts for characters.
Personally, I still prefer subs overall.

There are instances of pretty well done dub, but for me, I still prefer the Japanese vocals because it just feels much more nature (emotions, tones, etc) and that's the way I am used to.

Most of the dubs I've seen have voices that do not really match the characters, thus really ruining things. It does seem that the dubs are getting better, but they still do not feel the same as the original Japanese versions. (Most of the dubs that are popping into my head as I am writing this are game dubs. *shudders* most of them are horrors *cough*lostinblue2*cough*) But of course, not all original Japanese voices are great (think Tidus ><; )

Another thing about subs is that, most of the time they are fan subbed, and when something might get lost in translation, they include a note/explanation of it instead of just going with the English translation and leave you confused the way dubs usually cannot.
I prefer subs over dubs actually. They are released much faster than dubs and I can watch it anytime online, instead turning on the television at a specific time just to watch Naruto or Bleach. I love watching new episodes weekly (for free)! Most television networks don't even have new anime shows like Powerpuff Girls Z yet!

Also I like to listen to the original voices, it justs sounds more natural. The American voices sound forced and fake and are constantly pronouncing the names wrong.

Definitely sub! When episodes are dubbed, they lose a lot of humour. Also, dubbing ruins a lot of "good quotes?".

EXAMPLE: naruto's "dattebayo" versuses "believe it".

I also think real fans watch sub over dub. I don't know, it feels like I'm actually watching the anime in english OR I know japanese. After a while, it's just like you understand what they're saying because your eyes and ears work so syncly... if that makes any sense.
Hehe, yeah, definetely subbed. I think it's funny the little words you pick up here and there when you watch subbed films or series.. soon I'll be able to sing the Bleach theme in japanese by heart Wink Cool
I like subs better because they:

1. Help me learn the language.
2. Aren't as crappy as dubs.
3. Make the anime/movie/series seem more authentic

Dubs in this country usually suffer from poor timing. Also, it's kinda weird to see Japanese people speak in Tagalog. Cause it's not Japanese, duh! I also want to 'escape' while watching Japanese stuff so I don't like to be reminded of 'here'.
I hate dubs because of the bad translations. Subs brings u morde emotions because of the japanese language. Its just great.

Chances are the Japanese dialogue and voice acting is just as terrible as the English rendition, but I just can't tell because (1) it's in a foreign language, and (2) subbers typically "clean up" the dialogue and make it better.

That's good enough for me.
I watch almost everything in subtitles now. At first I couldn't imagine myself watch subbed anime. But later on I started to watch fansubs and subs were the only choice. I think watching subs is a good thing. Now I am able to watch subbed Korean and Japanese dramas.
Subbed animes are best to watch. The dubbed ones just doesnt sound right. The drawn characters dont fit to the voice and vice versa. Whenever I watch dubbed animes I get this weird feeling like something just isnt right. Seriously the original voice actors are the best and subbed anime lets you understand what they're talking just right. Besides some dubbed animes even have wrong translation. "/
Sometimes I like dubbed better , because I actually hear English.
Subs for sure. Dubbing always has weird voices Rolling Eyes
Depends on the anime Im watching if the anime has very detailed animation I prefer dub because I want to concentrate on the animation itself not on reading, there are also times where the chracter talks too much or too fast then the subtitle tend to go so fast (I sometimes hit the pause button when that happens. But sometimes subs are also good specially if the translation is accurate (as some subs have too many typos, some even change characters names).
Timic83 wrote:
Subs for sure. Dubbing always has weird voices Rolling Eyes

Once you start wathing animes with subbs, it really really weird when you watch one dubbed Shocked
Timic83 wrote:
Subs for sure. Dubbing always has weird voices Rolling Eyes

Once you start wathing animes with subbs, it really really weird when you watch one dubbed Shocked
I always seem to like the dubs better, unless they are just flat out horrible, like one piece, but i still do not mind watching the subs since i seem to forget that they are subs after a while of reading them and just easily follow along. dubs still are better in my mind they are only wierd if you have something to compare them to.
Voted for subbed. I like it coz you can hear their original voices plus you can pick up some japanese words. And sometimes the original essence of the sentences used in the original is lost in the dubbed version.
i prefer subs, usually when dubbed, a part of the essence of the story is lost, and sometimes the dub just doesnt feel like it XD
Usually subs because most dubbing are horrible. I don't know why, but the voice actors can't evoke the right emotion of the scenes.
Subbed way better than dubbed. Dubbed just sounds too weird and just doesn't seem like its in the scene.
I like subs much better then dubbs. Firstly when I first watch a anime it's often my friends that introduce them to me and they always have sub so if I have dubbed at home I feel like nahh that's not the right voice. And subs comes out way faster dubbed versions can take long time to get realeased. Also the mouth movement gets messed upp with dubbed even tho that's not so much of a problem when it's anime and not real movies.
English is not my native language so if the language in the movie is fairly complicated, I'm sure to miss some words without subs anyway, so not wanting to watch the screen for every word is not an argument to me. I actually prefer subs for Swedish as well.

In general, dubbers do a really poor job so subbing all the way. There simply is no reason for dubs to me.
I prefer sub than dub. The emotions of the voice actor or "seiyuu" during their work is essential for us viewers to enjoy the anime better. sub FTW!
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