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Use a Printer atached to a as400 terminal from a pc

I want to know if its posible to use a printer atached to a terminal in a as400 host/client environment, from a normal pc, as a shared resource or something like that.

I have access to the system using an emulator, (MochaSoft) but I want to print from windows, skiping Mocha.
You need to install Client Access/400 (now called iSeries Access for Windows) on your AS/400 to access AS/400 printers from a PC.

This product includes 5250 emulation, access to DB2 Universal Database® (UDB) for iSeries through its Data Transfer, and utilizes iSeries NetServer for working with the OS/400 Integrated File System and printers.

This is according to this page on IBM's site:

Of course, you need to check out the product specs for the particular OS version you have installed in your AS/400.

I know Mochasoft is free and IBM software isn't, but I don't know of any free solution to this problem, particularly as it will require installing software on the AS/400.
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