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What do you play Most?

What Do you play Most out of Consoles/Pc.
Playstation 2
 7%  [ 3 ]
Playstaion 3
 2%  [ 1 ]
Nintendo Gamecube
 0%  [ 0 ]
Nintendo Wii
 11%  [ 5 ]
 2%  [ 1 ]
Xbox 360
 0%  [ 0 ]
 76%  [ 32 ]
Total Votes : 42

Hey, i was wondering what Console (including pc) would be most popular for people to play games on, i reckon it will be pc or ps2 ( as alot of people don't have a ps3 yet ).

Come on everyone! The more votes the better
PS2 is by far the most popular of those, but you'll see statistics favoring the PC on a forum like this. Personally, I wish all games were on the PC. I can't rationalize spending money on a standalone game system.
The few times I play I either play PC or Wii.
Recently I've been playing my Wii more than my PC. That's probably because I've only had the Wii for about 2 months now. I'm sure I'll end up going back to my PC at some point as I have a number of games lined up to play on it. But for now the Wii occupies all of my gaming time. I haven't gotten sick of Wii sports yet, and I'm not sure I will. I also have Wii play and though I probably play it less than the sports, I still enjoy most of the games on it. One thing I find advantageous about playing the wii over the pc is that when I play a pc for a while, my hands (especially my mouse hand) can get sore. With the wii, I do get sore from playing a lot, but it's really my whole arm and not my hand (which oddly enough isn't as bad to me.)
I play the most PS2, then PC and then PSP Laughing
PC beacuse it has a good selection of different mods for games, and online! Very Happy
My Xbox, most recently, before I was using my computer to play somewhat primative games, until I realised my computer sucks, and that I had an Xbox, so I bought Halo, and I have been a console devotee ever since.
Satori wrote:
when I play a pc for a while, my hands (especially my mouse hand) can get sore.

Razer eXactRest FTW! Wink

oh I play game first on PS, and start PC game on 1995 with C&C~
I play PC(i don't have any PS3 or Xbox, but maybe I will buy GBM Smile ), I sometimes play on my friend's PSP(it is preety nice).
Most of my leisure time (ooh how camp) is spent on my PC.

I do often play my PS3 (Resistance: Fall of man mainly ... only just got the game, and am stuck in Manchester currently)

As I have a ps3 my ps2 is defunkt now, and I don't own a 360 (my xbox is under my table ready to be listed on ebay). I want a wii, but thats probably because I've drank to much.
what i play most is pc, but i play a lot xbox360 and nentendo ds too..
I voted PC. However much I enjoy consoles, I just simply think I've spent more tim on my computer playing strategy and FPS shooters, than I've spent on my trusty old ps2 playing RPGs and Racing games. Although Most RPGs take time, I just somplythink I've been playing more on my computer. This is in any case true the last six months, since I've been lacking my ps2. It's back in my possession now, and currently undergoing the Final Fantasy XII treatment, which might make it rise to the top though Razz
I voted Wii. It's the only console I really play, Wii is really great! Very Happy

I wonder why people play so much with the PC? Rolling Eyes

Texas Hold em on (becareful or you'll drop a lot) (free) (free)
Well I play the most on PC and Xbox, since they are also the ones I posses from that list. I gotta say I play the most on my computer right now if I find some time, rarely I still play a match of Fifa 2007 on my Xbox, should be when a friend coming to my house for example. Other then that I'm pretty much 'gameless' right now.
I usually just play on the PC. I don't have any new games for PS2.
I play just on PC. I have one Playstation1 console that I sometimes play on. I like the Playstation because I can play with my friends coop games.
I would choose PC. It contains most of my favorite online (MMORPG) games (e.g. Ragnarok Online, O2 Jam, Rose Online, etc.)... It's also fun to explore in the internet. ^_^
PC roxxors. If you look at it like a console, it has the best backwards compatibility, infinite upgradeability, the best control system, the best online multiplayer... It basically kicks the shit outta all the consoles.
i play my xbox daily, but only for an hour or less
I play the PC the most, but that probably because I don't have the newest systems. I don't even have a PS2. Crying or Very sad
Peafy wrote:
I play the PC the most, but that probably because I don't have the newest systems. I don't even have a PS2. Crying or Very sad

PS2s are only $130 nowadays. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me. I'm considering getting one for myself eventually. Though save up twice that and you can get yourself a Wii. I love my wii, and I'd rather have it over a PS2...though I'd of course like both eventually Smile
I don't have much time to play so when I play it has to be without any problems and enjoyable. Just put on the PS2 and sit on the couch. And since I really don't have much time I haven't upgraded the equipment to Xbox360/PS3/Wii. PS2 just will have to do...
A PC is just so much easier because you can control whatever you want without a lot of hassling. You have the whole package into one.
My Wii. Im currently addicted to Excite Truck and Red Steel. Smile
Well, I can't get enough of my Gamecube. Out of all the consoles I own, I use that the most. I would say that the PC is about equal. The Gamecube's games are so addicting, I just can't get enough of them. I bought a couple games for it recently; and have been playing them quite a bit. I also frequently play my older games, as I can't have enough of them. Very Happy I do a lot of PC gaming as well, and it's usually on par with the amount of time I spend on the Gamecube, however lately that hasn't been the case. Also, I don't own a Wii yet, but I would assume that it'll overtake the Gamecube easily.
I play pc and the results are quite clear... but i don't understand why noone plays xbox 360? It has HD capatility and very good performance which makes games very beautiful thought they are expensive Sad
but they are still worth to 360 is the best console i know
MJMX wrote:
xbox 360 is the best console i know

You obviously don't know many consoles then.
I play only on my ps2, since I'm waiting for 2 games to be released on PC and no game that's on the market right now is very interesting.
I play PC the most because most consul games now a days come out for PC too. Cool
Holy wrote:
I play PC the most because most consul games now a days come out for PC too. Cool

Uh, not really. Most Wii games are exclusive.
LostOverThere wrote:
Holy wrote:
I play PC the most because most consul games now a days come out for PC too. Cool

Uh, not really. Most Wii games are exclusive.
That is logical because the control is unique and not ported to the PC.
PC i think the pc is the best, you can play the game you want if you have some money and i think is cheeper than any console
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