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PHP & Chat

Is it possible to build a chat system with php? If it is, how can I build?
Try Google

Really, try a bit harder.
actually, it is possible, and yet ive found a lil complicated...
if you go to

this is a php based webchat,,, it will give you the basic idea of using php to develope a php based webchat,,,
mostly with a php chat script, the esiest way is to use a login for that in return uses the username of the visitor and a form to a txt file... then in frames using frames to make the txt file appear in the middle frame,,, making a small chat script...
huuuuu, I don't agree with the last post. Personally I try to avoid as much as I can frames. I use tables instead and if I were to do a chat script that woould be me way to go... but choices are choices Very Happy

anywayl... you tried searching on

[url] [/url] ??

there are nice scripts there, and I think there are also messenger scripts. I think I've seen some... get one, see the code, and try coding yours basing on the one you've liked
PHP is not good to do a chat because it refresh all the page for updating.
hmmm i never made a chat webpage, only a guest book, but I believe there must be a way to refresh only the text box... if you're using a file to append the text, then from time to time, you must be able to refresh the contents of that file into the textbox, or table...
it's worth to try... I think
I like DB's... Mysql? maybe I can help! shoot it!
to refresh the text page, all you use is javascript, but to use this your best to use frames for the auto refresh rate because it will refresh the entire page if you use tables. So, if use frames it will just refresh the text display area. I dont like frames either, but this is what i have found so far, and if anyone comes up with anything better, i wish they would try to make more tutorials on internet for others to learn.... you dont have to use frames,, i agree,, i had made all mine into tables and used include to put the text into the area i wanted. but i do agree that php isnt the best way to go for a chat... i believe that macromedia flash communicator would be the best way to go, mostly because i dont like java, and now with macromdia flash, you can include video chat without having to use broadcasting software... a good example of this would be at,,, (an adult webcam chat not XXX site, but still used for adults.) I had searched many php chats on through their categories. there are many great chats, but when they update after you hit enter, none updated fast enough... alot use mysql even. when i hit the enter button, i expect it to be in the chat display as soon as i let up off the enter button... instant.. but the main purpose of me posting above what to prove there is a way to make a chat in php....
I was going to make a live chat script for my website at one time, it ate up a lot of bandwidth on account of the page refreshes. I wouldn't recommend doing it, I would rathar use something else like forums.

- Mike.
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