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Using Facebook instead of Email

Before I posted this I decided to do a search and have realised that no one else has talked about this if its posted somewhere else I apologise.
For people who have been drawn to the facebook phenom have you noticed that you are using facebook more than email to connect or send messages through. I'm finding that since I've been on facebook and its been only a couple of weeks now that I check facebook before I check my email. Anyone else doing this? Can facebook takeover email. I've chatted with other people about this and they are doing the same thing. Check email for work but check facebook messages for friends. maybe its just one of those fads never know.
Unless your employers or professors also utilize FaceBook to send out messages, I highly doubt it. Email will still remain supreme. If it's just amongst students and friends, I still highly doubt that it would take over email clients as well.

A lot of employers have already blocked out these types of social sites, ie myspace, friendster, facebook etc in order to avoid these frivolous activities that may hinder productivity. Email on the other hand may hinder productivity slightly but not as much compared to facebook as with facebook there are profiles that you can read and pictures to see.
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I use Facebook messages a lot my self, but I prefer e-mail. Then I can read the message right away not having to log into facebook + you never know when something is going to happen and all facebook messages get lost. E-mail, you can also read off-line.

I do not get how companies can use facebook for messaging. I wouldn't trust them so much with my company secrets...

I really think it should be some kind of export function on facebook. F.ex. export all messages to read off-line + photos, contact information etc...
I wouldn't replace emails with Facebook. There might be some who refuse to use Facebook and its ilk.

I still prefer emails. Straightforward and simple.
I prefer emails over facebook, but honestly the big thing with my friends and in my city is myspace....people send messages instead of emails all the time now. It's a little irritating. But, email will never be completely taken over by these things.
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