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Only the BEST travel locations: Frihost Travel Guide

The Frihost World Travel Guide
I've come up with this idea; to compile a list here of some of the best travel destinations around the world.

What to do:
-Think of the best place to travel to that you are familiar with (have gone to before or live near)
-Be specific about it (Don't post something like 'visit Mexico'. Post something like 'Cancun's Beaches' instead.)
-Give a description of it, and why it's so great
-Include a photo if possible (Look one up online if you don't have one handy)
-Reply to this thread only to post a fabulous travel destination
-Reply only once, with only one place (to ensure only the very best places are listed here) If you change your mind, and want to post a different place, edit your post instead of posting again.
-please uncheck the 'attach signature' box below your text. This will help the frihost travel guide be more concise and less cluttered.

This should eventually end up being a great list of some of the very best travel destinations in the world. If you wanted to go on a vacation, you could look at this list for a place to go and feel reasonably sure that you couldn't pick a place that you would regret going to.

REPEAT: DO NOT REPLY TO THIS THREAD OTHER THAN TO GIVE A TRAVEL DESTINATION. If you want to discuss this thread, do so by PM or make a new thread to talk about it.

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I'll start;

Rock Springs, Florida, USA (AKA kelly park)
This is a great place to go in Florida, especially when it's hot. The water coming from the springs is nicely cold, and if you get too cold, you can sunbathe on the beach next to a wide swimming hole in the stream. People often float down the stream in rafts.
There are three sections of the stream.
The first includes the spring itself; the water here is so clean that you can drink out of it without hesitation; it's probably slightly better than tap water and on a par with what you buy in the store in bottles. The stream is swifter here and there are lots of exposed rocks, which makes things beutiful, but you'll want something to float down on if you want to follow the stream because the rocks are bad for your shins.
The second part is a wide, slow, deep spot in the stream. It has a beach on it, and there are picnic areas and restrooms close by to here. It's a great spot for swimming, or playing around. It can also be used for fishing when there are not too many people around. If you're trying to float down the stream, you'll have to paddle here.
The third part is more of a natural Florida spring, shallow with a sandy bottom, and completely undisturbed nature on either side. This part is slow and relaxing.

If you bring kids along, they'll enjoy looking for shark's teeth in the stream bed and going to the small side springs.
They charge a very small admission fee (I forget whether it is $1 per person or $2 per car). If you camp there, you can go to the stream any time you want, day or night (try going at night and shining a light to see the reflecitons of aligator's eyes; a great way to scare the kids who were swimming there yesterday). Otherwise, the park hours are restricted.

Antalya Province, Turkey
I allways go in the Antalya Province from Turkey. It's a beautiful place with many castles and ruins. There are many hotels to stay at but I think its better just to explore the region. Turkish people are very nice and make good food. I like that there is allot of vegetation. I didn't have the chance to go to the beach but as far as I know its a good place. There are many mountains so if you want to explore by foot you will get tired quick. I also saw many bannana plantations, there I bought bannanas and a bannana tree.

I recently moved to CA and my husband and I love going to SF for the weekend. There are so many different things to do - shopping, site seeing, hiking and camping nearby. This past weekend we went to Muir Woods and Golden Gate National Rec. Area. Muir woods is great hiking- lots of Redwood trees. The GGNR has a lighthouse and great views (if its not foggy).
Here are some pics!

X3 Talk
Australia is a distant land for many people who post in these forums. The climate in Sydney is perfect, you'll find that prices are reasonable and that there is plenty of things to do. Shopping, enjoying the beautiful harbour, Australian bush scenery, AFL matches and more.
Last fall we vacationed in the great state of Maine and we absolutely loved it! Being a native Mainer, I finally got the opportunity to return and explore the coast from Ogunquit to Eastport. We were not there during peak autumn color but the hiking, scenery, historic architecture and seafood were excellent, per usual!

The photo below is from atop Sargent Mt in Acadia National Park, looking westward along the coastine. That lone peak looming in the background is Blue Hill Mt, a potential stop that eluded us. It's my understanding that Blue Hill affords an excellent vista back toward Acadia. I wish this shot was taken with a great camera, perhaps during mid-late October and with great visibility. Here's the url that breaks down alot of what we did.

Tim Graham
One of the most remarkable travel experiences I have had was in New Zealand - a truly beautiful and quite basic youth hostel in the north of the country at a place called Opononi - there's a lady there who runs the place and will prepare organic home-cooked meals for you.

Although the electricity is only running on 12 volts (so there's just lights and a fridge), there are some breathtaking views around the area and a number of quite scenic cliff walks to do. We drove accross to the other side of the North Island and went quadbiking which was great fun as well.

On further investigation it appears the place was named Okopako Lodge:
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