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My game modification what do you think

The game is still in development stage and is only the 5th of the way complete as it will be a big game here are some preview pics over at my forum i hope you will take a look and leave me some feedback.

the game is zombie based.

Edit: Ok so the basic plot is that your a guy called keith that was working on maintainance of some deep underground sewers but then one day the sewer you was working in blows up you survive it and wake up with zombies that where your friends around you, then you get saved, and the people that save you ask for you to get help so you have to work through zombie infested sewers and air ducts to try and get to surface then when you surface your gonna have to go through lots of forests and ghost towns. cant really say much detail dont want to give it all away when the project is done i will post a download link on this thread. its going to be atleast a year yet though as its just me and a few people which are doing voices. anyone wanting to help out just pm me i need some one that can script the mod files and maybe a few modelers.
Neat a half-life 2 mod. Unfortunately screenshots don't tell us much abuot the game as it looks exactly like half-life (or maybe it doesn't...been a while since I played that game, don't remember EXACTLY what every texture looked like). Could you tell us more about what exactly you're modifying?
Awesome, i love these half life 2 mods especially the big project ones. what scripting you use to script it? And approximately how long will it be? It seems like a very interesting project .
im using the free microsoft visual studio i think it is. and i think its gonna take about a year to make
So is this a half life mod?

I am working on some stuff form scratch but that is the long way. Any way nice graphics and a great intro. i can't wait to see more.
Ok i will add more images once i get the chance iv been working hard lately to get a few more maps done and improve current maps.
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