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Discussion: Crushes!

Crushes... that feeling like your heart has stopped or... beating 100 times a second. ...the feeling you get when you have to remind your self to breathe or quit hyperventilating. You all know what I'm talking about.

Crushes! Everyone has had them, yeah? I don't care who you are but you have to admit you have crushed on someone whether it be physically (yeah probably) or personality-wise. I mean, honestly?

Personally, I love feeling crushes ...and enjoy and the idea of crushing a lot more than actually relationships (does that make sense?)

I enjoy turning my head to see my crush and just smiling to myself while I pretend to be reading or writing. and... I love glancing up and having that .5 second eye connection. I love turning a hallway and realize I just passed by them. I don't really feel the need to establish a relationship (or even a friendship for that matter).

I think I'm strange... hehe I guess I'm just hoping that I'm not alone... So please reply if you agree, and if you don't... just humor me, won't you?

it'd be cool too if we could all share some "crushes" stories Very Happy
Well, you may be strange, but it is pleasant strangeness. Laughing

I know you are not talking about relationships, but everything you described sounds like how I feel about my wife. Catching her eye briefly, brushing against her while walking, looking over while she is reading....all those things put a little stutter in my heart. Great feeling, whether it's a relationship or "just a crush".
The World is Yours
I think crushes are quite dangerous!! Mainly because 90 percent are one-way. Also if it is a physical crush, you are almost guaranteed failure!! A crush can cloud your judgement, resulting in a misconstrued observation of the "crushee." When that time finally comes where reality sinks back in and you realize, this person that you have had a crush on all of this time, is just as normal as everyone else!!! That super-being version of them that you saw in the beginning, is gone and that dis-appointment is hard, and quite un-fair to the one that you had the crush on, because they haven't changed, it's your conception of them that has!!!

So the moral is.....don't look for love at first sight, but look for, love the first night Wink
The World is Yours wrote:
I think crushes are quite dangerous!! Mainly because 90 percent are one-way. Also if it is a physical crush, you are almost guaranteed failure!! A crush can cloud your judgement, resulting in a misconstrued observation of the "crushee."

Is that 90% a scientific fact or did you just make a calculation?
The World is Yours
Of course it's not a scientific fact, it is an opinion as is the rest of my post, and the rest of the thread.
The World is Yours wrote:
Of course it's not a scientific fact, it is an opinion as is the rest of my post, and the rest of the thread.

I was just asking, calm down.
The World is Yours
I apologize if it came off dis-respectful, I guess I just got defensive because I thought you were asking just to be a smart-a**. I mean no dis-respect, if none was meant to me Embarassed Also I apologize if I offended.
Crushes are nice feeling. That feeling you get when you know they are around and you find every possible way to just get a glance at them, but not in some stalkerish type way. I usually get to know the person after awhile and hope that it can become two-way instead of a one-way street that I have to keep traveling down, and day dreaming of the possibilities x]
KatanaSky wrote:

Personally, I love feeling crushes ...and enjoy and the idea of crushing a lot more than actually relationships (does that make sense?)

i didn't know you could use it as a verb.

anyway, may i ask... are you a girl?
crushes can aslo be very harmful.. can get ur heart broken kinda easy.. however, I do know what feelings u are talking abuot, and they sure are great.. just the same as I feel with my girlfriend.. and did feel before we got together..
Da Rossa
No Katana, don't feel you're strange. That's exactly the way it is. This .5sec eye connection can make us make our day. Sometimes it's all I need, even if the crush doesn't actually care about me.

But I realize that you're developing a strong feeling about your target. Don't deny it. Face it. Smile
Oh, I think I know how you feel, I am a young person, hardly into my teens.
Look at my posts and you will probably find out.

Anyway, onto the topic, I originally had just a small crush, it's become near infatuation, that wouldn't be a bad thing, if it didn't mean such bad things. I think she has guessed at this point that I like her very much, I am doing my best here not to start talking about what I love about her so.

Anyway, she has guessed, and stopped talking to me, which I hate, I am not a very popular person, and I don't get to talk meaningfully to girls all that often, and when I do I cherish it.

Really, I wasn't after anything more then words, not kisses or anything else, but it saddens me that I have lost who could have been a good friend of mine because of the crush that developed. I suppose I didn't really know how to handle it, I had a girl that I was very attached to in primary school, we even lied about being siblings to make it seem normal.

I feel like I have lost so much in this respect, I never really have anyone to talk to and I could have.

Oh well, move on I suppose, not like anyone here can help me, and I refrained from giving a name, since I have a good friend here, and he knows her.

Good Luck To Me
I love crushes. Of course looks will catch your eye, but in this world of today it's quite difficult to find a personality that suites you. Especially if your one to strain on keeping high standards in life. Or if you have a problem with flirting if you don't really even Like Like the girl... as such is my case. I can't have a steady girlfriend cause I just be myself and "Talk". because I like to talk, and apparently that's hard to find in a guy now days 0.o or at least talk that's not about something sexual or something else guyish that most girls wouldn't understand at all... like Halo. haha. Truly the thing I look for most in girls is their eye's. Sure over all looks are nice, but it's the Eye's I really care about. I like to see the Shimmering reflection of the sun in their eye's. Plus they seem to like it when you stare at their eye's and not anywhere else on them Wink

ok I'm weird and I'll shut up now... Razz
Crushes are the greatest, I've got a handful of them going right now. Somehow, they're especially better when you know you have no chance whatsoever with the person.

The waiter at the restaurant I was at today... holy crap, I was like, "Gfawwww" a feeling I haven't had in a long while.
Crushes are indeed a trip! They feel good, but then somewhat bad to have a crush...the good part is the rush that it gives you just being able to see that person, better yet if they at least smile or say a few words to you.
The bad part is realizing that you are the only one feeling any sort of emotion and the person you are crushing on may not even take any notice of you.....
Well for making your day/cheering you up they are, I agree there.
The sad truth is they don't always like you back or you don't know if they like you back. (As is the situation with mine; I'm not sure if she likes me back. I seriously doubt it though) I'll probably continue to have them, but I won't get my hopes up of actually going out with them.
I've had a few. And I can say they have been similar to the experiences mentioned here.
Lol. I really can't remember when was the last time I had a crush but anyway it true having crushes makes you revved up in everything you do. Wink
crushes al rampant in highschool and college... even in elementary

but crushes are a nice feeling.. it kinda boost up your energy when you see your crush... makes your day right... Smile

it also serves as your inspiration ... do you guys agree?

jah blez!
YES! I positively agreed!

Crushes makes you do anything like a hero and makes you move to go on and go on... It's a feeling that make you happy when the day around and see your CRUSH!

It helps a lot to make you INSPIRED all day!
Oh, I totally hear you, crushes are fun, as long as you realize that they're only that. I mean, personally, for me, building up an ideal in one part of my mind is always fun, as I always remember to keep the rational part reminding me not to get to emotionally invested or anything in whats most likely a complete illusion. And personally, I think crushing keeps life interesting, what makes you take a couple extra seconds in applying your lip gloss, or makes you study your conduct a bit.

That said, I consider myself a pretty self-controlled, self-fulfilled and confident person so the negative effects of crushes have only been briefly felt in that time around seventh grade when I didn't know what to do with myself. Since then, crushes have become fun things that I haven't really laid any expectations on. However, I have seen the ill effects and the pining that goes along with building up and falling for an ideal, especially since most crushes are completely unrequited, in both myself, at a time past, thank god, and some of my friends now, who, in my opinion let their crush on a certain guy cloud their sense of self. Of course, I'm being a bit self-righteous and its not my place to judge them, so in conclusion I guess I'm just saying that whether or not crushing is a pleasant experience is dependent on the personality of the crusher. Smile
crushes... i had one way back in school, and so many people liked her too. she was like the perfect girl...

one day however, i didn't like her anymore, then she started coming close to me.. thank god now i have a sweetheart who is worth more of my time with..
i had one back in high school, it was really deep,she stayed next block from me. i used to sit outside my home all day just to see her wallk pass, what was bad about it, i was too shy to talk to her that made it really bad, she do say hi when she walks pass me but the shy me of before wouln't say anything back it was that bad.
I saw her recently and we started talking, she told me she had the hots for me back then,i never knew all cause i was shy.
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