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The Smallest PC You can find

PC form factors are shrinking day by day and I believe I've found what appears to be the smallest Core 2 Duo PC you will ever find. I first saw it over at engadget and boy am I impressed. Called the Stealth LPC-450, this little tyke comes in a unbelievably small package of 14.6 x 25.2 x 4.2 cm. Check out the picture below to see just how small the PC is in relation to your hand. You'd think that a PC of this size would come with kind of crappy specs but from what I've seen on Stealth website, this isn't exactly the case. You can rule out a dedicated graphics card though as there is no way you'd be able to fit even a GeForce 5500 card into it so its graphics are running on Intel's GMA950.

It also comes with Gigabit Ethernet, and a host of ports including audio in / out, VGA out, a trio of USB 2.0 ports, RS232, FireWire, and even a parallel printer port. The case is said to be made of "rugged extruded aluminum," and if you're worried of noise, the only fan noise should come from the one keeping the CPU from getting too hot.
Yeah they make them smaller then that though they aren't intel based.

They call that motherboard size Mini-ITX which is generally 17x17cms. They also have a Nano-ITX which is even smaller. Mac Mini if you have ever seen one is the size of 4 CD (CD not DVD) cases stacked on top of each other. If you put all 4 CD cases in front of the Mac Mini you wouldn't even be able to see the Mac.

Here is a link to a website that offers the boards though they can cost a lot because of their small form.
Those Micro-ITX boards are insane, I saw a guy with one on another forum, he built it into the back of a car rim!! It was pretty cool looking.

I would be worried about a lot of fan noise however, small fans = more RPM = more noise in general. Then again, if you need a computer like that, fan noise probably wouldn't bug you, they're all going to be like that.
I know that thing is tiny, but its specs suck. This system from Shuttle is pretty much the best for its size: Enjoy. Cool
Tiny PCs aren't generally used for programs that value performance anyway, so it's not much of an issue. The most common thought when it comes to PCs like this is in-car computers.
Yeah they just distroy all about effence for small price.

They are the exact opposite. They are small but they are High in price and low in proformace.
Ah, for non-performance, use a VIA chipset on a nano-ITX board with the picopsu. I used to have a site with all sorts of ultra-small form factor products for sale bookmarked, but I seem to have lost it. I'll post it if I find it again, many of the products were quite cool. They had things like laptop cd ide to desktop ide converters, and even exotic stuff like compactflash on ide converters...
Is the site your thinking off

That's the exact one. Thank you. Very Happy
thats pretty small but why so small mid and full towers are fine. are u weak?
He probably wants portability or convenience or has little space. I miss my Shuttle when I'm in the dorm, my ATX desktop is a monster...
Don't forget about the Jack PC, its a PC that is small enough to just plug into the wall!
You'd have to have a server to do all the processing for that thin client though. It isn't a computer as much as it is a console...
well its small. But still wont upgrading the components be a problem? Well nothin seems removable in it
wow! thats small and beautifull!
While we are talking about micro machines, how about we include umpc's too.

The OQO2: is a full PC that runs VISTA well and is a bit bigger than the PSP. It is amazing.

Samsung makes an UMPC too, it is much bigger, with a 7" screen. It is called the Q1. Since the OQO is so much smaller for not too much more, the Samsung isn't too impressive.

Sony also makes a VAIO microtablet similar to the OQO.

Asus may release a 7" laptop (called the EEE PC) sometime after August (they listed August as the potential release date) that will start at only $200! Here's a link:

Finally, there is the Nokia N800. It is TINY (think PSP-sized), and runs a Linux distro. It is between a computer and a PDA, in a new category called an "Internet Tablet." I may be getting one soon to replace my laptop, as it can do everything I do on my laptop, only is much smaller.
I have a nokia N800 and I love it. Great to use at the gym while on the treadmill! Smile

I just picked up a VIA EPIA mini-itx mobo. While it can do a lot, I'm actually going to use it as a router.

I've also been working with Soekris and WRAP appliances lately. While note "PCs", they are definitely computers!
Is it just me, or can the computer shown at the top of the page fit neatly inside a 5.25" slot in an ordinary PC case? That would be awesome if it could, a computer within a computer...
Ok thats great.Some times back i had seen little big version of PC.
PC's will go on shrin king in their sizes because mainly due to surface mounting technology(SMT).Hope it will reduce further to a matchBox size..
But don't we then get into the same situation as laptops where upgradiing is vitually impossible??
Well, with form factors this small, power and upgradability are usually not a factor, as the systems are usually designated a very specific purpose.
All of these sounds great. I hope I can buy one of these mini-ITXs here in the Philippines. Anybody here knows of a retailer locally?
They need one that size that runs at speeds of a normal sized computer.. I seen a slim-line computer before it was fast... but still a lot bigger than that one.
wow, i thought that it was just a cd drive at first sight.
I believe this is the smallest ACTUAL PC. It is fully functional with all of the components of a regular PC. It's not a thin client and it's not a mobile palm type device.

Smallest PCs in the worl!
google for embeded hardware - full windows usb lan ...
Those Shuttle's are neat. They're small and sleek, and with Core 2 Duo's in them, they'd be easy on the power but powerful for processing. I'd love to get one of them. I'm tired of big computers taking up so much space. LOL.
infobankr wrote:
Don't forget about the Jack PC, its a PC that is small enough to just plug into the wall!

this one is way awesome that others.. hehe..
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