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Internet Explorer 7 Or Fire Fox

Witch One
Fire Fox
 90%  [ 10 ]
IE 7
 9%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 11

Frequent Flyer
Witch One sIs Better Becuse Theres Alot Of Debate About It So Witch One Do You Think And Why?
I actually have no idea who would prefer internet exlorer..

Firefox has more add ons and features. It runs faster and better, and thou some sites don't support it, it's very good. It even has a huge variety of skins.

Imo, Opera is a pretty good browser to, but Internet explorer is just terrible.
It's Firefox (one word) and no one who is sane and good at computers would use IE over Firefox unless they HAD to!! Twisted Evil Twisted Evil

reasons NOT to use IE
-IE is a memory hog and crashes a lot
-hard to use
-not easy to expand, not many extensions
-made by Microsoft Evil or Very Mad
-LOTS of security and other flaws
-not updated often

reasons TO use Firefox
-doesn't crash much (and when it does it saves all the stuff you had open)
-easy to use
-VERY customisable
-easy to expand, lots of extensions
-made by a Free nonprofit organisation (that listens to feedback, basically Firefox is MADE BY LOTS OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU AND ME WHO USE THE WEB LOTS)
-updated open and has autoupdate (you don't have to download the whole thing again)
I like every other browser than Internet Explorer 6 because of its pure support of css and many visual bugs.

Internet Explorer 7 is not so bad but I will never use it because of its gui (how to put refresh button from right to left Evil or Very Mad ).

Now I migrate from Firefox to opera, but Firefox has still more features but is less stable and slower then opera.
I cast my vote for Firefox. Not just because I think it is better than IE7, but because I am so happy with it I don't see any reason to switch to any other browser (apart from links).

At the end it is a matter of personal taste...

My 2 cents
Internet Explorer is only box of spam Laughing

PopUp blocker doesn't block any pop up.
Firefox is so much better I just love it..
Firefox for all the reasons above, plus it's standards-compliant, unlike IE (*angry because her wordpress theme doesn't work right in IE even though it's fine in FF, Opera, and Netscape, and is completely XHTML valid according to the W3 validator*).
{name here}
NoScript is pretty much what makes Firefox worthy to use when I use it (Usually for CSS-3 and browsing YTMND).
IE7 is pretty good. Its a good improvemnt since version 6. I choose opera over both of them as my default, but between firefox and IE7 they both work pretty well. The only thing in my opinion that gives firefox the edge are extensions.
Firefox of course! I dun realli like Internet Explorer, esp version 7 as it is quite laggy, when opening a new tab. Firefox on the other hand, could open a new tab almost instantly!
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