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why dont add something that our forumate will be more interesting in posting

something like "top ten poster" or poster of the month,poster of the year

and some more bandwidth..or space hehehehehe Cool

just my opinion Wink
Boo. My sig shows it.

Anyway, the b/w prize won't be possible. Besides Bondings has already something planned for that.
This is a suggestion, some is good. i think.
Certain prizes for certain things are indeed a good idea. However, if you have prizes for the most posts in a month, then we will be cleaning up spam from now until the cows come home ya know?

Prizes yes, but you have to make sure it does not affect the quality of the posts being generated for the site.
Sounds good suggestions.
Waiting for our admin's agreement
Wicked, another problem is, its hard to determine one Smile.

Maybe install the statistics mod and I'll close down my thread Laughing

Example of an working statistics mod with custom modules installed.
That's a nice Stat mod there.

Bondings, take a look at that and see what you think eh? I mena, it would be a nice little addition to the site methinks.
Such a thing should be a static page, IMO. It most likely needs to go through all posts every time you open that file. That's no option with +40.000 posts. It would take 20 seconds to compute, I guess, and would only slow down the server.

Of course, I can be wrong. If that data is gathered once daily and then cached, it would be totally different. Wink Any idea if that mod is run on a large/larger forum?
I will leave it to noobir to give the definitive answer, but I imagine that it would be a matter of editing a file or two and I am sure the stats could be collected at an interval so that everytime one of our 1500+ members looks at the stats, we wouldn't have a noticeable lag in the server.

The first gathering would be the worst I'd imagine, gathering all the database info and the like, but that could be arranged to be done at 3 in the morning or something, plus, an announcement could be made in advance to forewarm people what was amiss.

Now, I may be wrong on all of this and noobie will correct me, but if I am not, it would be a nice addition to the forum, as well as a useful tool to track the growth of the site on a monthly, weekly and even daily scale.
compared to most free host's this one has tons of bandwith. this has as much bandwith as a payed company.
1 Minute when I find one with too many statistics.

It loads fast. Recaches itself every 10mins i think.

The best example :

This is a very good example of a forum even heavier loaded than the FRIHost forum and it loads quite fast

Yes. That is very fast. A pity gaia online doens't have one.

Btw, you don't edit any files.

There is a folder called stat_modules (unless you change it). Inside you put all your modules there (in folders*) then you go to ACP and activate it.

* Example : public_html/stat_modules/<module folder name>/<module files>
Ok, I'll try it out, but where can I get it?
Having a extra 10MB if you are a maximum poster for the month would be awesome, I think.

That'd be a sweet reward for participating--apart from the wonderful hosting.
Bondings wrote:
Ok, I'll try it out, but where can I get it?

For the default modules and the mod (you be SO suprised when you see the installation file...!)

Modules are gotten there.
Go noobie.

I take a look for a half an hour the other day and don't come up with word one on the frigging thing.

Maybe I was tired.
Its on the mainpage..the statistics mod d/l on Very Happy
Again, I am not the quickest of the quick....
this is a good idea right though this is a only suggestion i think we can work it out right? Very Happy
Bondings seems like his busy Very Happy
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