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Free energy

un super site sur les technologies "hérétiques" de production d'énergie
kewal.nark wrote:
un super site sur les technologies "hérétiques" de production d'énergie

dis is not a french website bro

vous pouvez saisir le google "poisson de Babel" et cliquer sur des poissons de Alta Vista Babel pour traduire de français-anglais

plus you may get banned cuz the link opened up a bunch of popups
energy cannot be created or destroyed,merely changed from one form to another. thats all there is too it.
kewal.nark wrote:
un super site sur les technologies "hérétiques" de production d'énergie

Do any of them (technologies) violate the 2nd law of thermodynamics? Otherwise, there's sufficient tidal energy on Earth to supply much more than we need, currently. ed.
There are people working on hydroelectric. The system uses a pond that collects water at high tide, and generates eletric at high tide, then the process is reversed at low tide. Problem is, this type of system is very expensive and hard to maintain. Onve it becomes easier to maintain, I think it will catch on very quickly in tidal areas. I am a person that is very big into alternative/renewable energy sources as a main power source, and I run my ham radios off of batteries charged by two solar panels.
As we all know, energy is everywhere, it do not disapear nor (at the best of our knowledge) is being created (thats what physicist say). So we apparently have a constant amount of energy flowing around space and transforming in various kinds of energy. The notable thing is that it seems that energy is constantly being disordered. Is this disorder of the energy what makes difficult using it for useful porpouses. A machine that orders energy without needing extra energy is a perpetuumm movile of the second type.
Aside from all this tale that many of us already know, we have to be clear on the fact that there are not absolute theories. We intend to describe nature with some more or less sofisticated rules (our physics laws), but no one of them is completely true, not even conservation of energy (think of virtual particles, they can violate conservation of energy thanks to the uncertainty priinciple. more on this in a upcoming post).
There is no such thing as "free" energy. There is nothing that is free, especially in science. You must give to take. Equivilent trade, which in reality, exsists in everything there is. You can't defy science, we may have understood science wrong in the past and now, but you can't defy it.

We may be able to "harness" energy, but not get "free" energy.
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