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Chat that INTEGRATES in phpBB


yes I've searched the forum for chat applets, and yes I've looked a them. But most of those threads are old, and didn't had the information I wanted.

On my frihost account I have installed a forum, and now I was looking for and lightweight irc applet that I can add on it. Currently I'v installed one of these liveharmony applets, which is a good applet except that it doesn't use irc and that it doesn't integrate in phpBB.

What I mean with integrating in phpBB? Well that you can set a logged in user on the forum logged in on the chat. And the best thing would be that it uses irc, as I mentioned earlier. In fact, I'm looking for the kind of applet you can find for punBB forums. A bit like this one: (demo here: )

I've considered rewrite this chat to work with phpBB, but I'm a bit short on time. But as you see, the chat integrates perfectly, uses irc, is a lightweight (you don't notice it to load), real-time, and well too bad, it works with punbb...

Anyone knows of a FREE (as in opensource) equivalent for phpBB forums?
(I don't look to a static shoutbox xhere you have to load the page each time)

Thank you,

You either don't understand the big difference between ajax and IRC or you haven't read the TOS. I'm guessing you just don't know.

AJAX Shoutbox
This seems to pretty much cover all your request Smile
I guess I just don't know because I don't get your point ^^.

If you refer to the part of the TOS where it states
TOS wrote:
Any of the following is strictly not allowed, unless stated otherwise.

1. Any type of IRC traffic on our servers.

Then I can tell you that I know that running anything of a irc server is not allowed. But that's not what I want to do...

And if that's not your point, well then your right, I don't know Smile

Your shoutbox is indeed what I was looking for. Strange I haven't stumbled on it myself, since I'm already searching for a while Smile


EDIT: I've installed it, and after some small modifications to the skin, it integrate better then I dreamed of!
Thanks again, I've been searching for almost more then I month for this thing. Must have lokked at the wrong place I guess Smile
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