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Mud Volcano in Sidoarjo (called LUSI), Indonesia

From :

According Geologist LUSI will be ended proximately 35 years.

Any technology to stop this natural disaster soon?

Thanks for your sharing.
Well, regarding the location of the thing and the actual technology, it's quite a big problem to solve. Especially that you would have to carry material throught deep mud for miles before being able to do anything.

The pressure must be extreme, and so pluging it would be quite hard.

Still, this again reminds us that oil, gas and coal exploitation have a whole bunch of negative effects and shouldn't be used lightly as they are now.
^The same thing could happen when drilling a well for water...

I've heard secondhand, how one person drilling a well managed to puncture a barrier of clay, which drained all the groundwater in a large area to a much lower level overnight. One man with a drill was responsible for causing dozens of existing wells to go dry.

Of course, extra care should be taken when drilling in volcanic regions...
Lord Klorel
i can understand now why this mud volcano get born. When you want to make holes on such deep locations, then is it completely normal that this happens.
I hope that there was done some research that told them that this activity was completely safe or not.
^The usual research to be done would be just to drill a hole and see what comes up. (Core sample)
Radar or sound reflection might be able to tell that there is water down there, but I doubt it could tell you that that water is under high pressure.
The blowout was caused in this situation by having made the decision to not case and cement off the lower pressure stata in the well before entering the higher pressure formation. Pore pressure prediction is a standard part of the planning of any well, and in most areas of the world, the basin analysts can co a very good job - which is why we have so few blowouts anymore. There can be mistakes and surprises, or just poor planning. In this case, I do not believe there has been enough information released to decide what error was made.

It is a true calamity.
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