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I was looking for some-one to help me code a site like except for tutorials, I cant seems to find a good script.

I did manage to get a template made,
if there any script you know of that allow the user to sign-up, have a profile with pm, and allows them to make a tutorial, and post it, and other users comment on it, and rate it?
If you have a field to your table of users that determines their priveledges (Admin, Editor, Writer, Normal User etc.) then on a particluar page you can check what their code is and displkay appropriate options.

eg if they are a writer then display a few textboxes in a form that they can write the tutorial and description or whatever.

To allow people to rate and comment I suppose you could add a new table and have fields such as:
'tutorial_id, reviewer_id, rating, comment'
and then assuming the written tutorials are assigned a unique id then you can get your page to check for all rows in the table where the tutorial_id is the current tutorial and then display the comments and maybe an average rating.

If you want a messaging system ( I assume thats what the profile with pm means) then you would need another table called 'messages' or something with fields:
'sender_id, recipient_id, message'
and then on the profile page check whether their are any messages with the recipient_id equalling the current users id.
You could add all sort of fancy features such as read/unread, important, time sent, expiry time or anything else you care to think of by just adding some more fields and a wee bit of extra code.

I have some basic versions of all this on the site I'm developing that I plan on improving later but if you need some pointers on the code then it might be a good place to start and you can modify as you need?

Let me know and I'll dig some samples out for you.

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