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Guitar thief at a concert - appropriate punishment?

My guy is in a band, and just called me from the club he's supposed to be playing at, and freaking out, because his guitar (an almost new BC Rich Bitch) is missing. And it's not here, at home. There goes $600 down the drain. Plus the show is now probably pretty much canceled.

What kind of schmuck steals a guitar from a guy in a band they paid to see? What should happen to the creep if they catch him?

I am SO ANGRY that I don't dare say another word, for fear of dissolving into a cesspool of useless profanity.
Something involving an E string around the neck perhaps? I'm sure you could figure the rest out from there Wink

Best of luck to you though. Perhaps it'll turn up somehow.
That's a pretty desperate thing to do.

Can someone explain to me what an E string looks like? I'm guessing it has something to do with hanging? Confused
The E string is merely the top (or bottom) string of the guitar, refered to it's standard tuning of EADGBE.
So it's the thickest or thinest string.

theives suck.
Woah, that's horrible... Sad
Can't say whether the police will find the guitar, because I don't know how things are where you live at. Here, in Israel, I'd just go and buy a new guitar (or anything else), if it got stolen.
**** UPDATE *****

Embarassed The *@#$!!! guitar was locked in the band room the whole time. He somehow forgot his own instrument in the hustlebustle of helping get the drums and other equipment loaded up. I went to look for it when he called, but I didn't see it, because it wasn't in the rack with the other guitars, it was in its case, leaning against the wall with two other (empty) guitar cases.

I should strangle HIM with an e-string for stressing me out, but I can't really blame him for freaking and assuming the worst, because it's a grotty bar and a LOT of other musicians have had stuff stolen there.

AND the show did go on, he was able to borrow a guitar from a guy in one of the other bands that was playing. It's a metal band, and he thinks being in a towering rage actually improved his performance! Laughing

I apologize for what turned out to be a stupid post, but I really REALLY needed to vent at the moment, thanks to all who responded sympathetically. I think this thread can be locked, the drama is over.
Haha, I'm happy that everything is OK in the end Smile
Well, at least now you'll have a nice story to tell Laughing

Anyway, -close-
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