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Apprenticeship or full time college?

Not an electrician, but generally speaking it's important to have a degree when applying for a job. However, in the field you're looking for having that hands on experience from an apprenticeship is important. You need both. I guess considering that I'd go with the apprenticeship with college on the side.
kevin briggs
i think a apprenticeship is the way to go and get yourself a trade.
tradesmen our hard to find because everyone leaving school is going into it
joiners, sparks, plumbers, bricklayers and plasterers are just asking there price for jobs as there are so few good ones about at the minute
If you can find an apprenticeship these days, thats the best way to go.

A lot of people these days are leaving school or collage / university with degrees, but are almost unemployable in industry because of no practical expierience.

With an apprenticeship and day release to collage you have the full quallifications required to satify any employer.

Oh and by the way, good luck!
Well, I'm doing a Young Apprenticeship, and what I am finding hard to getting work experience. So really I recommend you work the whole week except for one day when you go to college. It really helps you learn about the industry and your workload will feel more manageable.

Hope it helps, all the best..
The best thing to do would be to ask qualified electricians.

I'd put any money on the vast majority recommending an apprenticeship, to learn the practical skills, with day release to learn the regulatory/technical side of the business. It's the traditional way that most of your potential employers learned the trade and, whether it is really more effective or not, is the way they trust and prefer their employees to have learned.

If you're aiming to work on new build projects for large construction companies most of your work will be within your trade. There will be a lot of new build over the next 5 to 10 years BUT you cannot and should not rely on it as your sole source of work.

If, however, your work is on rewiring, remedial, upgrade, etc. with smaller organisations (or even on your own) you'll find you'll need to know a lot about other trades - particularly plastering, tiling, some plumbing, carpentry etc. This is where your apprenticeship is really vital. As you're learning on the job you'll be doing this type of work alongside your mentor.

I'm a plumber. I do not get involved, at all, in new builds. I estimate only about 5 to 10% of my work is actual plumbing. The rest is electrical, plastering, tiling, dry-walling, bricklaying, carpentry, flooring, etc.

You could check out opinions in the Electricians' Talk forum here:

If you're lucky you might even find an apprenticeship!

Good luck!
See man its quite complicated considering im2 0 years old now and dont know what im doing with myself. I work full time..deciding if im going to go back to do computer science at university or hit up a fasttrack trade.. Trades are good for quick cash and getting a trade but when your 35 years old do you want to be lifting bricks and laying mud in 30 degree heat? Degree long term would be ALOT better and you could earn a shitload of cash...just have to be bothered to put your effort in
Take note of the properties that many tradespeople occupy. You'll see sign-written white vans regularly parked outside a lot of very luxurious homes. There are too few big lottery wins to explain it away that way! Those people live where they do because of what they know, and how skilfully they apply that knowledge in a marketplace that is short of those skills.

There isn't as much potential in the more academic careers - unless you've got the aptitude, grades and desire to go into medicine.

As I wrote earlier, though, you run a very real risk of locking yourself below a glass ceiling, in many jobs, if you don't fit into the old-boy network by having an appropriate degree.

In the academic career paths it's not about what you know - it's all about who you know, and whether - or not - you get accepted into the circles you want to be part of.
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