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What music you have made?

I'd like to listen to some music people here have made, I hope there isn't another topic since I did do a few searches and nothing came up.

Only post links to MP3 if you know for sure that the site is allowing you to download these MP3 legally or if you are promoting your own band and have the complete legal rights over the MP3 in question

I made this song with reason 3, might not be great because its the first 2 minute song I ever made with it (and im noob to producing lol)

its kind of technoish I guess, but my favorite music is hip hop/rap ect

I made this with Reason 2.5, and it's a bit repetitive, but it's one of the few songs I've 'finished' (I constantly hear things I don't like in it then change them, so no song of mine is ever really finished..)
Marzeluvum means procrastinate in Bulgarian, something i'm quite good at... Very Happy
Same here, at first I wanted to just select everything then hit delete. Well anyways your song sounds a lot more professional then mine Smile .
I'll post my song after. It's acoustical and I had a delay pedal with it.

I recorded it with Audacity, which is a great free recording program.

As I said, when I get home, I'll post it.
Well ive composed some songs for my older band and some songs for myself.

Havent recorded anything yet though.

I've got most of my music here.

Made with FL Studio 5.
I havn't really made any music but I've made some lyrics together with my friends. "The escalator", "Falling down the mountain" and "Mammoth tree"

EDIT: I also wrote some lyric (not together with my friends) but it's not unserious and more depressed. "Just Jump"
hmm cheese... does that stand for something (metaphoricly)?

Yeah, I'm working on another song it has a pretty tight beat, but I am having a hard time finding the instruments I want since I'm not very experienced and I don't know where I would find the type of sound I need. I have been thinking about buying one of those sample packages (like dirty south elements and melodies or such)... I don't really know what to do..

my project is currently dead (lost my creative touch for electronica because i have been working so hard on my bands album)

im about to pick it up again with some more original tunes i have sitting around half finished
I'm currently enrolled in a musical subject. From where I came from which is purely technical, music is quite different and cool. I didn't think that it would be quite difficult to compose a music before I even experience it. Frankly, it took me days just to write a stanza. anyway, i still have a long way to go before finishing this.. anyone here who is also enrolled in a musical class? i'd like to know what you guys usually do. I think I need to start another trend. =)
I made a couple of random techno-ish songs in my Audio Fundamentals class, using beats my teacher supplied and ACID. Sadly, I don't have copies of them anywhere anymore, as that was a long time ago... Given the chance, I'd like to make more in that vein, because it was really fun and came pretty easily to me, but I'd need someone else to supply me with the base beats/sounds - I have no synthesizer or any other way to make my own at the moment.
I posted a thread about this a while ago, and we're still doing some mixdown on our studio tracks...
Now that I'm finally getting a proper keyboard I'll be able to post some stuff. In the long run, there's a re edit coming of some swedish rap from one of my mates, as well as ambient/beats/house tracks if I ever get around to doing them. As I can see, it takes alot of discipline!!!!
well, anyone use actually "good" mixers? i have a crappy little mp3 mixer with a "borrowed" cd key, and it's pretty pissy to use.

There's always the fantastic MIDI machine to resort to, though....

I really want to get techno and ethnic sound libraries in the future ^_^
i'm always fooling with various musical projects... there are three tracks currently at my site (hit the music link not surprisingly)

bjwok the first one scared me... but the as I got through the songs it got a lot better!

After I complete my website I'm going to work on a way better song

here is a demo
Hip-hop fans and MCs can listen to my beats at

There's a Tupac & Nas "Thugz Mansion" remix up on the MySpace page.
I write some music in my spare time as I have kind of a passion for it, as in I am fairly obsessed. The link I am posting is to a bebo music page with my songs which I believe stream and there is in fact no link to an mp3 so it should not break the rules of this forum!
If you listen to any of my stuff let me know what you think! It's mostly acoustic stuff plus a bit of ska and rock.

EDIT: I also now have myspace:
I've been distracted the last few years. I'd like to be a lot more productive musically. Lord knows I have the opportunities... All I have on the internet is some weird electronic music I made a few years back. It's a medley of 6 or 7 extremely short "songs" that I made by plugging random numbers into some half-baked formulae. I don't really like it, and I don't think anyone will, but that's not really the point. It's supposed to be ridiculous.
(double-click the nameless "1." in the playlist)
The Mitchell
i sahll post up some of the preparations for my album this week hopefully w00 3 years in the making. get in.
I've made some really simple techno-poppish songs on Fruity Loops (V. 6), but other than that, nothing exciting. They all sound the same ... Maybe I'll upload some for samples.
I've made some sample tunes with some mac software... they sucked though, haha.
Captain Fertile
While shopping in the local £1 I saw a piece of software called “eJay Hip Hop 3 – Street Style” which claimed to be some kind of simple music software.

This was something I have always fancied messing around with but with the musical ability of a Badger with a Banjo I have never fancied risking the money on the software.

Thye name did put me off because I am no real Hip Hop fan but figured I may be able to create my own brand of sound with the CD ROM. Well this was only £1 so what was the harm in trying it? You are about to find out.

To be honest I am pleased I did try the software– here are my results;

Track Number 1: Picture of Me (Song No. 1) (2:52mins)
This was my very first attempt using the software right out of the box.
I really just wanted to see what the samples included within the package could do, how I could play around and mix them and what effects and layers I could produce.
I was and still am very pleased with the way this track turned out. Especially considering it was completed in just over two hours of first loading the software into my PC! To this day, that is the longest a track has taken me. More a testament to the power of the software rather than any latent musical talent I may possess.

Track Number 2: Goodfella Henry Hill (2:57mins)
My own homage to the Goodfellas movie and to the original gangsters.
After realising I could import .wav files my imagination went into overdrive and this was my second creation with the software.
I used sound clips from the Goodfellas movie as well as street sounds, police sirens and a crackly sound you might hear on old vinyl records whenever the police sirens appeared to hark to the low-tech era the movie reflected.
I tried to create a similar feel to the music used in this kind of movie and then added a little pazzazz in the middle to bring it into the 21st century.

Track 3: Police Unconvention (1:27mins)
Attempt number 3 - A short and sweet one this, I felt this track sounded like the incidental music from some cheesy 1970’s cop show. So I created the track then added a number of samples to add a Police feel including the wonderful Kurt Russell sample from the movie Tango and Cash, “Freeze! Drop the Duck!”

Track 4: Kismet Frisbee (2:41mins)
My fourth attempt at using the software.
It gave me the impression of the swirling smoke of a burning incense stick, a simple guitar, wind chimes and a calm night in somewhere exotic. I added an ambient ocean shore sound and the gong at the end is actually a ‘borrowed’ .wav file from a Sims game I had loaded on my PC at the time. Relaxing!

Okay so I am no musician but it was fun and I really would like to maybe try some other stuff out with this piece of software. I have only used it four times and created something original and something I was happy with each and every time.

One point, the software exports the final files as .wav files once you are complete so I simply found a free .mp3 converter (ABC Amber Audio Converter) on the web and used that to create my much more compact .mp3 files. SWEET!

I hope you liked them. Very Happy
you can listen to our songs at the flash-radioplayer, just press play.

All songs made with Reason, lots of guitars, keyboards, etc.

btw. your song is oke, especially when you havent used reason that much Smile
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