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Frihost is ignoring me??

I made a post at the web-hosting support center and even created a support ticket regarding my account over here at frihost getting suspended. It has been about 5 days since I made the post and noone replied Sad . My support ticket was also not answered.

So why am I not getting any answer?
Apologies for the delay.

Frihost does not use the ticket system in DirectAdmin - all support needs to be dealt with via the forum. However, I've looked into your forum account and can't see any reason for your hosting to have been suspended (you've not been banned etc...), so it's more than likely that you've simply used up your bandwidth allowance for this month. When you reach your bandwidth limit, the account is suspended until the limit is "reset" at the start of each month.

I can't 100% confirm this for you since I didn't create your account - if you want to check this, you would be best sending Vrythramax (your original account creator) a PM directly.

Apologies again for the delay - I hope this is some help to you.
I just looked into your account and it does show as suspended, but you are well with the limited for your account...this is a mystery to me, as I received no notification of the suspension.

I will do my best to correct the situation as soon as possible. My apologies for the inconvenience.

Thanks for finally replying. I hope that Vrythramax will look up into my account soon and correct it. My members are really complaining right now. I do not want to lose them.
I went thru the motions of unsuspending your account, but for some reason it still shows as being suspended.

We would appreciate your patience while we can get this sorted out.

Nobody has forgotten you Smile
Finally my site has been activated again. I'm very happy to be able to view my site and forum again and my members feel the same. Thank you Vrythramax.
ashish2005 wrote:
Finally my site has been activated again. I'm very happy to be able to view my site and forum again and my members feel the same. Thank you Vrythramax.

I have been to both of your sites and they are still online and functional....I don't understand why my log shows you as suspended Confused

We will fix it me.
Sorry for the long delay.

I had to suspend your domain because an exploit was uploaded to your var_cache directory of your domain. I now removed the exploit. Please also secure your account/software to make sure this doesn't happen again.
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