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UFC 71 - Chuck Liddell vs Quinton Jackson

Did anyone watch this PPV? I was on of the few who actually believed Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson would beat the Iceman, and boy was it a nice knockout. The rest of the PPV was pretty solid too, a lot of first round K.O.'s. Keith Jardine losing to a newcomer named Houston Alexander was a major upset of the night, but it was a nice 48 second knockout. The night was just made when Rampaged knocked out Chuck, and this is a new day in the UFC.
Good card, but being a skeptic I have had thoughts they might have staged the outcome...Don't get me wrong I know this stuff is legit, but it just seemed that the punch rampage gave lidell shouldn't have done him ias quickly as it did.

Can you say mega bucks for another re-match between the two of them.... I love watchin all the UFC's have alot of the older ones on DVD, to me they are the best ones were the rules were more lax.

In the post fight they talked about ortiz and rampage....Rampage would destroy Ortiz in a fight.....Can't see that one happening, although I would liike to to him fight one particular brazilian guy out there....... Wink
Chuck Liddell just got caught. I can't wait for UFC 73-Stacked. That card is going to be good, with 2 titles on the line and the return of Tito. I'm not planning on getting 72, because I think Franklin will handle Okami so I'm not going to waste my money
Yeah, that card is not lookin to hot right now. But, you know what those always end up having good fights anyway so I might splurge...
it's the nature of the game, chuck was caught. no excuses. you have to admit jackson is pretty strong and talented. I don't doubt he would be able to defend his title.
Well I love this sport and this year has been full of upsets. I was a little curious myself about the seemingly quick knockout and thought , "wow, is this getting like boxing?". But I want to believe a guy like Chuck would not go out like that. The punch looked weak, and just a toss but it hit him in the right spot I guess and on the other hand, that is what is great about the sport. Rampage will be a fun guy to see in the spotlight.

As for the Houston Alexander fight, I want to see him fight again to see if he is legit. I personally can't stand the guy and hope someone knocks him out . The way he acted after the knockout was a total disrespect and the total opposite of all martial art teachings. I do not want to see this sport getting like boxing. Watch a guy like Cro Cop and watch his reaction after he has won. He never gloats, just leaves the ring. I do not mind a celebration but not in the face off the loser, especially the way Alexander did.
Jackson was just pretty lucky. He just caught Liddel in a bad day. Or maybe just that one lucky hit, like in sweet science of boxing. I believe that Chuck is a better fighter and grappler than Quinton any given day. Quinton can't even beat "The Axe Murderer" Wanderlei Silva or "Gracie Hunter" Kazushi Sakuraba. It's just a good - lucky day for him I think.
Jackson finally got serious when he got to the UFC, which is why he was still able to handle Chuck. He finally changed his training and is actually taking it serious instead of just relying on his strength.

As for UFC 72, which I said I wasn't going to waste my money on, I still ordered anyway, just because I had nothing to do that day. Overall it was actually a pretty good card, aside from the Franklin-Okami fight, which was not worth it at all.

I will be ordering 73 in a couple of days, and can't wait to see Tito and Evans, that better be a good fight, but I'm also siked to see Anderson Silva fighting again
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