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Corel Draw vs Adobe Illustrator

I prepare graphic layouts for acquiring city permits to install outdoor advertising. I had a sweet deal because I could work from home using my own system and software. About 3 months ago my employer told me I’d have to come into the office and prepare my layouts on site. No big deal, I figured it might come to that, I knew there were some employees that were jealous I was allowed to work from home.

Here’s my issue: All the workstations at the company have Corel Draw X3 loaded for design/layout.

Now I’m not trying to start a debate on the pros and cons of Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator, because to me there’s no comparison at all. Adobe Illustrator is far superior and (IMHO), and is widely recognized as the industry standard.

What’s worse is the fact I know the company recently purchased an enterprise edition of Adobe Illustrator CS3. But when I asked the IT person to give me the disk so I could load in on my work station, I was told it would not be rolled out, and the company was trying to return the software. Apparently an informal “straw vote” was taking and Corel Draw was the overwhelming choice. Huh? You’ve got to be kidding me. Corel Draw over Adobe Illustrator!

I later discovered that nearly all of my counterparts in the design department went to the same “tech school” and Corel Draw was the vector based program they were trained to use. After 3 miserable months using Corel Draw I’m convinced it was made for the novice to intermediate design world and has no business in a professional design environment.

My specific issues with Corel Draw are:

•Color management does not meet industry standards, and aside from the local Kinko’ the majority of printers do not accept CDR files for output.

•Good color calibration w/monitor and desktop printer is nonexistent.

•Exporting to PDF produces unexpected results that even Acrobat Distiller can’t correct.

•The program interface is remedial at best.

•Numerous features that don’t have any “real world” application.

Now I’m beginning to see more and more negative effects that Corel Draw has caused the company. Re-prints, incorrect scale, corrupt PDF’s (exported from Corel), second, third, and even forth trips to the permit counter. Sometimes I even here snickers from clients when I mention the company is Corel based.

Short of trying to convince 6 other designers the benefits of Adobe Illustrator over Corel Draw I’ve decided to submit my resignation.
I agree with you... Illustrator far better in terms of color management and user interface... and most likely familiar if you are also in photoshop.. but for me i had no problem also using corel draw....for me they are the same vector graphics tools
Studio Madcrow
Frankly I rather prefer Corel's tools to Adobe's, but the thing that annoys me is the fact that, except for Painter (their "natural media" art program that lets you make drawings with a graphics tablet look like they were doneon real paper with real art tools), they no longer support any non-Windows platforms. Even their awesome WordPerfect Suite (WAY better than M$ Office or OpenOffice) is Windows only...
FOr me , i much more addicted to the tools by Adobe.

Therefore, I prefer Illustrator.

It has gud color layouts and is comparetively easy to use.
Illustrator is better. I wonder, would they have let you install Illustrator on a computer at work so you could use it?
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