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Walk like an Egyptian

When we found out my brother was coming to visit us at the end of March, our imagines ran wild as to where we could go with a super cool guy like Dave. Because we had been mostly traveling in the winter, and we just had a snow storm in Germany, we decided to pack our bags full of sandals, shorts, and sunscreen and head south to the warm country of Egypt.

We arrived in the middle of a sand storm and the sky was a tan color in the middle of the day. Welcome to the desert! I didn't think that we would land as the plane rocked back and forth and would jerk up and down as we circled the airport. We landed fine-- but it was actually the elevator that we were more concerned when we arrived to our hostel. When Chris, Dave, and I fit into the rickety cage with missing buttons, it went up and then came back down and would not stop at our floor. We were informed that there was too much weight and I had to get out (well, two of us did, but no names). Kind of makes you reconsider the benefits of exercise and climb the seven flights of stairs.
In many other ways Egypt was a bit rundown, but it was nice that everything was so inexpensive for us. We had fun eating authentic Middle Eastern meals (and then splurging on KFC) and visiting all of the top sites. The top of course being the Giza Pyramids, one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World, and the only wonder still in tact. And it was a wonder. While exploring the pyramids, we were amazed at the ancient Egyptian craftsmanship, and the modern Eyptian engineering of tourist traps. We were hassled about purchasing a camel ride, offers to walk on top of the pyramid, and even a police officer stopped us to ask to take our picture for a fee.

After Giza and Cairo, we ventured the Sinai Peninsula, where we stayed for the rest of our trip. It was there that we found the most amazing resort town for broke and unemployed students! Dahab was a dream as we got a beach front room for about 3 dollars a person per night. We enjoyed Sheeshaw, fruit shakes, Hawaiian pizza, and lazy days on the beach. It was the perfect way to spend a spring break- we will recommend it to MTV for next year.

The highlight for Chris and I was climbing Mt. Sinai at night. We left at about 2 a.m, climbed for three hours, and arrived at the top of the mountain in time to watch the sunrise. We were so tired that we actually enjoyed looking at the pictures more afterwards and we really saw how incredible it was. It was a surprise to us to see the Burning Bush there also. It is more like a giant tree now.

The only sad part of the trip was that we could not stay longer. We were debating spending another week there to visit Luxor, take a trip to Jordan, and finally spend Easter in Jerusalem... but we decided to save some of the Middle East for a later time. And spend Easter in another important city Very Happy
I have problems uploading pictures to my computer so I will try to fix them Very Happy
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