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What games are you playing?

As the subject says....doents matter if its on the PC/xbox/ps2/psp etc

I used to play Socom II on the PS2 but havent played it for ages, I got an
xbox and played ghost recon 2 for ages, but my xbox got banned as its chipped
(DOH)....all in all I havent played anything for about 3 months, i keep
looking out for new games but think ill wait for the xbox 360 now.
I'm playing Growlanser 2 on the PS2... HARD game.. geez.
off and on i play La Pucelle Tactics...I got kinda hooked to Chrono Trigger,again.I've been trying to get Chrono Corss to work and I may start playing Radical Dreamers again(YES!I knowi I'm a little Chrono fan boi Razz )
PC: Wolfenstein: Et, and Lineage 2 at the moment

PS2: Disgaea

Xbox: Conflict Desert Storm 2, and Rainbow Six: 3.
Ps2: GTA:SA, GT4, and NFSU2 Laughing

Xbox: NFSU2

PC: Counter-Strike: Source, Battlefield 2, and GTA2, thats some oldschool rught? Cool
heh GTA 2 is isn't old school but its kinda close...i guess...if you count the SNES and Genesis as beining old school.
T3 Architect
if u got xbox live got to get halo 2. But beside that im playing MX vs Atv Unleased
Tasadduq Khan
Right now I am not playing any specific game. because no time. Smile
But I play fifa, NFs, C&C when ever I get some time. And enjoy them very much.
I play Forza Motorsport on the XBOX great game.
PC: Risk 2 and Maple Story online game Very Happy
I play RPG's.Only PC and board. Wink
I like first person shooters Smile.
i love neverwinter nights
I am big into RPGs. Mostly Playstation.

Right now i am playing star ocean 3, which i'm mildly dissapointed in. *sadface* The fighting syle is great, but what the heck is up with the wacko story line?? sheesh.
I played Juiced 2night for the first time at my homies place. That game is pretty cool and hard aswell. U can place bets & shit with other racers and tune your car etc etc etc its realy cool Very Happy It was on Xbox btw

Ragnarok Online : Quitted due to exams
Mu Online: Quitted
Runescape: Quitted long ago
TS Online: Quitted
World Of Warcraft: Might play soon.. After exams ^^..
Dead or Alive Ultimate
Need For Speed Underground 2
Burnout 3: Takedown

Those are my favourites!!!
i play world of warcraft, and soon beyond good and evil, viewtiful joe and geist for the gamecube ^_^

have to finish paper mario 2 soon aswell ;/. i think my friend wants it back since ive had it for about half a year ,D
paper mario 2 rocked!! You HAVE to do the pit of 100 trials!! omigoodness! that game rocked my socks. lol
I'm Playing Rome: Total War and Half-life 2
And I'm Looking forward to F.E.A.R
Right now i'm mostly playing hitman:contracts, gta:san andreas, on pc as usual i'm playing cs and once in awhile thirteen.
Mostly playing Darwinia.
On PC: Uplink, Sacred: Underworld.
Transport tycoon
GTA:San Andreas
Been playing Guild Wars for a while, but recently thought about quitting, due to a stupid mission. Thunderhead Keep. Those who've played it know how much of a pain that mission is -_-
Warcraft III - The Frozen Throne
Lineage II - Chronicles 3
Civilisation - Call to Power II
Morrowind (addons + mods)
I've beenplaying Halo 2 for the Xbox, Final Fantasy X2 for the ps2, Command and Conquer Generals for the PC, Fire Emblem for the GBA.
I like to think of my self as a welll rounded gamer...
im playen gta san andreas, ut2004, doom 3, stronghold crusader 2,
poiling point and some other games that i play rarly like halo allready finished 9 times etc
I'm trying to like Ragnarok Online at the moment.
I was playing Arc the Lad:End of Darkness for PS2 but it so badly sucks...
Football Manager rulzzzz. That's the best game ever made...
counter-strike source allways!! more than 2-3h/day
World of warcraft, runescape, Counter Strike: Condition Zero, Warcraft III...Laughing
T3 Architect
nothing like battlefield 2
I play to :
- Dune 2
- NFS underground 2
- Enemy engaged : Comanche Vs Hokum
World of Warcraft ... no other one Smile If I only had more time to play it... I think it's one of the best MMORPG games ever!!
At the moment I am playing some GBA roms... but I have the cartridges too so it's legal and all. It just makes saving much, much for easier. Aside from that I still occasionly play some roguelike games (ADOM kicks rocks!)
half-life 2 keeps me pretty busy.
Right now I'm into TA Spring, the open source remake of Total Annihilation. Total Annihilation was and is still the best RTS ever.
Dungeon Siege 2. In many ways it's like the first one. In many ways not. Much better graphic engine and an existent storyline. I like it... I'm surprised no one else on this forum talks much about this game. Although maybe the topic is there and I overlooked it.
Day Of Defeat
GTA San Andreas
Carom 3D
Medal Of Honor

all PC games, don't have a console

On PC: Baldur's Gste, Icewind Dale, Neverwiter Night's, Ragnarok Online, Warcraft, Morowind, etc.

On PS: Final Fantasy Smile
THe game i like playing are san andreas gta and ut online game. I find the these game rest forever because they can be played even after they are pass by the user. And taking ut the online game, it is the best game ever played over the net and a lot of people like to play it though there are other wh don't like it. I think because of the laging and high ping.
I am playing WoW. Alot of WoW. And working on my ORPG. Wink
Chess, contract bridge and backgammon. Learned them when I was a kid. Only problem is that I get hooked an then it is not much time for work.
need for speed underground 2

it's my only lovly game

Embarassed Embarassed
need for speed underground! Wink
I enjoy most of the newer Star Wars games (Battlefronts, Jedi Outcast, etc.) as well as most of the Tom Clancy games (Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, Rogue Spear, Splinter Cell).
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - Best online FPS IMO
Day of Defeat - My old Fav
Conflict: Desert Storm - When I dont feel like going online

C&C Generals - Just got back into this one
Warcraft 3 - Always good

Stopped playing due to rising costs Wink
I am playing Wolfenstein, Enemy Territory. I downloaded it for free when the producer started the promotion for their new game (Got the news from CNET). I played all weapons and got all level (medic, field Ops, Cover Ops, Soldier). I got boring with it but can not play any other game because I am so poor to buy a good PC to play the latest games available. Free is always good Very Happy Just like our host.
Im playing Battlefield 2 , WoW , Call Of Duty, Counterstrike 1.6 , source enz .... I and a friend of mine started a clan Smile so we play al these games online and if you are clan less and want a nice clan...check our site and register go to the forum Wink

(multigamingclan) S-T-F : stands for: silent tactical forces Very Happy
i have a ps2 and the best games for that i think are gta san andreas and gt4. grand theft auto san andreas for the sheer game playing experience and gt4 for the excellent graphics
san andreas rocks!!!
Now I am playing to the Age of Empires 3.
It is a game of very good estrátegia. Has good graphs and it is a games for the computer.
I got many games on my computer,
but i play only in :
1. Counter Strike 1.6
2. Heroes 3
3. GunZ Online
4. MU
I play counter strike about twice a week.
Country Scene

The waterfall plunges in mist. Who can describe this desolate scene:

the long white river sliding through, the emerald shadows of the ancient canopy

...a shepherd's horn echoing on the valley, fishnets stretched to dry on sandy flats.

A bell is tolling, fading, fading, just like love. Only poetry lasts
i play often ragnarok online....sometimes legend of legaia or threads of fate(psx)....only rpg's xD
I'm thinking of starting up Live a Live and Lufia 1/2.(all for SNES)
I kind of went back to FFVI(SNES) and FFIX(PSX) the other day too...
Currently playing World of Warcraft... and seldomly playing Halo2.
I'm playing , for about 1 year now, Final Fantasy XI. Its a great game, lots of great jobs to level.

But like many online games, it suffers from real money transactions for game money Evil or Very Mad Game maker made some improvements about it, but alot of work needs to be done Confused
Im currently obsessed with Age of Empires III. Very Happy

Besides that, I'm going through FF8 again and whooping in Mario Golf. Razz
What games am I playing...let's see here.... The big one is Halo 2, I'm so addicted to that game! I'm practically depressed right now since Xbox Live is down for the day. I play it so much that I'm making a montage video of all my awesome moments. You can check it out when I'm done at my production site (see sig) I have other videos there right now (well, not right now, I'm still looking for a host, which oddly enough is why I'm here!) So once I get the site up again, check it out. It's funny.

Anyway, I'm also playing through TimeSplitters: Future Perfect. That's a great game. You should also check out Second Sight. That's a great game too. I'm also playing Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness, and eagerly await the release of Tomb Raider Legends (TR7) Let's see here...I'm also a big fan of Burnout 3. In handheld games, I'm working on Yu-Gi-Oh Nightmare Troubadour for the DS. That's a pretty good game. Nintendogs is also quite fun. I think that's about it. I'm also playing through the Half-Life 2 story again. The free expansion Lost Coast is coming out soon, and I eagerly await that. Giggle. So yeah, I think that's about it.
Implaying Splinter Cell pandora tomorrow, will get Age of empires 3 soon.

played the AOE3 demo, it simply rocks i hope the full version is better Wink
now i already bored with de online game ><"
now chat with frenz with msn n play msn game lol~~~~~
im playing battlefield 2 for the moment its a good game Razz
msn games ?? omg .. haha

i think icq has more interesting online games, i like the interface. reason y i m not using it ? cos no one in my contact list uses icq anymore ....
hmm... lets see...
best game for me must have:
- good graphic
- almost-real sound
- story behind every character [hate when its just play without known why should I]
- cheat [ Laughing so fun if get a immortality cheat and kick those enemies' but with nothing they can do about it Laughing]

well, any genre is alright, puzzle, rpg, action, adventure, and even board and card game.

just my 2cents

I play battlefield 2 as well. I just got the expansion, and the new features are pretty cool. Grappeling hooks, nightvision, zip lines. Very much fun even in single player when my laptop isn't hooked up to the internet
I'm playing...

FFVI, right before Kefka does the thingy to Doma.

FFIX, gotta save Vivi in Dali.

Zelda: OOT, just went through the Deku Tree dungeon.
I play Anarchy Online mostly, very fun game. Always something new to be found.
Rise of Nations,
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
finished Quake 4 and NFS MW and right now I'm playing 3D Ultra Pinball, it's old, from 2000, but I like it very much, don't know why Smile
i play wolfenstein et and nfsmw sometimes bia
Mario Kart DS (just unlocked R.O.B. the robot)

and PSO: Ep. III (ARGH >___> I cant beat the good sides first boss xD)
Just completed Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, Spearhead, and Breakthrough. Pretty fun if your bored game-wise for a few weeks. I'd give them all 8/10
I like to play Age of Empires III the most, I play UT2004 sometimes, and Halo 2 & 1 (in that order). I used to play Runescape, but it just gets boring after a while.
I usually play PC games, only because I don't have any consoles. My current game I'm playing right now is Splinter Cell Chaos Theory and Halo.
I'm playing Resident Evil 4 and Need for Speed for the holiday season.

Also Burnout: Revenge is in my playing list and hopefully would play Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones.
I hope to get Prince of Persia, it looks like a cool game. But I haven't goten into platforming that much lattely.
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