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How do you become a DJ? How do you start?

I've been wanting to be a DJ for quite some time. I have virtual music creation programs like REASON and Magix Music Creator and then of course EJay, but I want the real stuff. What's the best "starter kit" I guess? There's no schools that teach how to be a DJ, so I would have to get the equipment and just practice. You should give me some tips, thanks.
You gotta have some friend who's already been a DJ for some time.
^I dissagree.

So do you want to produce music or just DJ? If you just want to DJ then you cant really go wrong with getting a set of turntables.
Scott has a good point.

If you want to create music, then just get the software that you find meets your needs and is easy. Fruity Loops is a great one, very easy to use.

If you want to do live DJing, like at parties and stuff, then all you need is a PA and players (CDs or turntables). You also need to have a LOT of music on hand!
Be prepared to dedicate a lot of time to practicing

Also, a lot of schools actually do have classes on DJing...often they're hosted and run by students. I know that UC Davis in California has a class sponsored by DJ Qbert (he actually rolls around and does demonstrations for the class every once in a while).

Buy two decks, a mixer, and a PA system, and lots of vinyl.
Get FL Studio if you want to start producing, then move onto Ableton Live/Cubase/ProTools.

If you want to DJ, you'll need hardware. Look at some midi controllers. You can get the M-audio x session pro for about $80-100 which is a great starting point.

Software wise for DJ'ing, have a look at Traktor (Native Instruments), or Deckadance.

If you're starting off, go digital. Cheaper, easier, and many more benefits. You don't need any 'lessons' to start digitally. All you need is your computer.

What kind of DJ are you wanting to be? Or are you wanting to be a producer? There's a big difference, producer= tweaking on computer forever, DJ= buying yourself a pair of turntables and some vinyl (or cd-j's & some digital music of course) and mixing it up! That's what I do it's my life and my passion I love it. I spin electronica. I went to one electronic music party and I was completely infatuated with how the DJ was making the music everyone was dancing to. It was like the DJ was a god or something - and I wanted in! lol. I got a few hands-on starter tips from a DJ at a house party not long after and I was off. I got myself a pair of decks and a mixer and my first few records and off I was to my basement to work at it on my own. I taught myself almost everything I know. And look at my now. In 20 days I'm being flown across the country for my first out of city party! So mattchun guy you couldnt be further from the truth.
ive ben a dj for about 4 yrs and it still takes me about a 1hr for me to produce a remix the perfect way. it is realy hard but if u go onto aol and into the station parts they have djs there mixin it up they are hot man thats were i based some of my stuff offa it is realy hard to make it in djin u just gatta work at it and want it so badly that u will do anything for it. thats wat i did but i am still not ready for the real world ill be a underground dj untill i feel like i am ready if u have some mixs u made post em but make sure u have it copywriteted so noone can steal it.
The Mitchell
deja vu!

i use ableton but its a litttle different to djing with decks. in personal belief its not really something you can properly teach. Once you actually have 2 songs in time with each other the whole artform comes purely from knowing your songs inside out. knowing where the drops are, where to drop out the bass of one, how to bring in the hats on another, where to use a delay on a bass drum to make wierd beats and put things in double time, where to pump bass drums to bring them through the mix etc. Actually beat matching is probably what youd need to get good at first but after that its all in knowing how and when you bring in different parts of different tracks without them being so obvious that its 2 songs.

Also i did an amazing mix last night between air - sexy boy and apollo 440 - stop the rock. not my usual choice of tunes but hell it worked ****** well good and made me giggle. mixing is weeeeell satisfying.

my best advice is to learn your songs so you know them better than you know yourself.

also living with 4 djs who all play sumat different and run free parties helps too. DJing FTW
Find tutorials on the website of your software and for DJing you can use Traktor (which is already recommended) because it is awesome, and you can use it for listing to music regulary.
it's sad to see how things changed, I read that there are more and more "DJs" who don't even have turntables, they just mix on their computers, but they land 5 figures at gigs, I believe, for instance, this is happening for Keith Richard's daughter.
Wow, being a dj is awesome. Good luck to you.

I believe that more than enough tips have been said in the post to guide you, but also try Atomix Virtual DJ, which allows you to mix music real time and on the fly.
But yes, it would be great to get a DJ to teach you the ropes before you buy the equipment.
Equipment keeps changing as per the technology, so I guess you have to keep up.

I believe there are some books that can guide you, and probably some online tutorials as well.
To become a DJ you must ensure that when you talk over the mic, that not a single person can understand what you say! Razz
if the budget is limited, try a midi controller first, so you can dj in your computer. The best way to learn AFAIK, then you can play with the analog toys.
toasterintheoven wrote:
it's sad to see how things changed, I read that there are more and more "DJs" who don't even have turntables, they just mix on their computers, but they land 5 figures at gigs, I believe, for instance, this is happening for Keith Richard's daughter.

so true.
Try your local hospital

Hospital Radio is a good place to start
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