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What happend to US Mail?

I probably use the US mail more than the average person and like a lot of people I’m still not comfortable paying bills online. So I still write out checks, apply postage, and drop them into the mailbox. There are also numerous birthday cards, get well cards, and hand written letters that I send through the mail. So a few days ago I brought 75 stamped envelopes (from the post office) to cover my mailings for the summer.

Sometimes I leave my outgoing mail on my mailbox so the mailman can pick it up when they deliver to my home. A couple of days ago I left some letters out for pick-up, but the next day they were still there! I knew the mailman had been at my house because had delivered mail. I was also confident the letters had proper postage because they were purchased at the post office. I left the letters on the mailbox again (in a more prominent position) only to find all the letters sitting right where I left them.

I retrieved the letters and committed myself to “having a talk” with my mailman. When he came to my house the next day I swung open my door and confronted him with (what I thought) was his inexcusable negligence. He (quite calmly) told me that the letters all needed additional 2 cents postage. I said: what are you talking about? I just brought these stamped envelopes 3 days ago from the post office! “I’m sorry sir, but the cost to mail a letter is 41 cents as of May 14.”

I still can’t figure out how… But I really didn’t hear about any price increase on postage. I don’t remember seeing anything on the news, or in the paper. I don’t recall any signs or posters telling me about it at the post office where I brought the damn envelopes.

Is it just me? Does anyone else think the post office was underhanded selling me 75 stamped envelopes they knew would be 2 cents short in a matter of days?

I may not have heard about the price increase, but I do know the US Postal Service is on life support. I’m not surprised that email and fax machines are cutting away at their customer base. I’ve decided to move as much of my correspondence to email/fax as I can. Although I still won’t pay my bills online, I see the day coming when it will cost so much to send a letter only fools will use the US mail.

41 cents to send a letter!

Yeah right.
I believe paying bills online is as secure (if not better) than sending payment through the post. Not to mention, that it's a bit more convenient. It's $0.41 to send a letter - I think it's a fair price. Inflation is inevitable, we all have to learn to deal with it. To think that you can get a letter across the country paying less than 50 cents, I think that's pretty cool considering that mail has to be delivered either by plane, or by truck.

...because of the convenience of electronic transfers, email, and fax people are in fact using those sources more, ultimately forcing the post office to increase their postage prices.

I believe it's fair. Be a little more open-minded, get with the times, or just deal with the 41 cents.
I hardly ever mail things (basically the only times I do are when it's business reply or when I'm running errands for the place I volunteer at), but I knew about the price increase. The Post Office is pretty likely to basically die in some amount of time, but the price increase will increase that time, they can't deliver things for free, especially with the price of gas what it is.
Yep, on May 14th the cost to mail a letter went up $.02 to $.41. They started talking about back in February. It was in the newspapers and on local and national news programs during the week before the increase. What I don't understand, is why the post office sold you $.39 postage envelopes after May 14th without bringing to your attention the need for additional postage.
If your local post office sold you .39 cent stamps after the proposed rate increase (and yes, I did know it was going to happen and bought a number of .01 cent stamps to cover the difference), then that was certainly underhanded. The announcement about the rate increase was made very public (where I live anyway) weeks before it actually went into effect.

Possibly you just missed that news item?
Thats why my dad only buys stamps a couple at a time instead of a ton. See i also knew that stamps where going up. And I don't even mail stuff. Ahh well what can you do. I uderstand the paying bills online and stuff but some stuff can be done online that is safe. Such things as emailing instead of sending a letter or what ever.
It's tough for the mail system to die out, I learned. I was discussing this topic with someone today, and I talked about, as you mentioned, the increased reliance on e-mail for messages, the ability to pay bills online, and what have you. But from my talk it was made evident to me that people still have to send packages, and that many people are either unfamiliar with computers, let alone e-mail, or that some people don't have access to a computer with a reliable internet connection all the time.
And junk mail they send through the postal service won't get caught in your spam folder. It costs way more than e-mail though, I wonder if a postal rate increase means we'll get less junk. Probably not.
I wish the US Mail commonly sold stuff like second class stamps. 2nd class is popular in the UK as a cheaper alternative when you don't need a letter to get anywhere particularly fast. I know the USPS sells all the way down to 4th class (I think), but it's very uncommon. I also like how you get more for your money on a 1st class stamp in the UK - it's guaranteed one-day delivery to anywhere on the island. I know this is near impossible to implement in the US, but they could cap it at 3 days or something...I've had "first class" mail take over a week!
Yea with all the alternatives, like email, other private postal services, and everything else they have to raise prices a couple cents to stay alive. Big deal I don't know about you but I can spare a couple cents more every time I send a letter. Its like people make a big deal about paying a couple cents more for a gallon of gas, but will turn around and pay $1-$3 for a bottle of water that you can get from the faucet for free. Or the people that b1tch about a couple cent increase in their milk price, big effen deal the poor dairy farmers are barely making it by and your complaining about a couple cents. I would gladly pay more to know the money is going to help support farmers. People need to get a life, stop complaining and look at the big picture.
Since 2 years now I live in Mexico. Since I came here, I never used the normal mail system. It's just not reliable. I don't even want to use it. And I consider it not existing. I dnn't know how much a stamp cost here. And I have no intention to know. It's is using fax or email. Bigger stuff, DHL...I never really missed the postal service...
UPS FTW!!!!! always on time for me or fed ex wich is really good for letters and such.
UPS guys are the best drug dealers of all time.They are always on freakin time and supply everyone with their every need. Laughing
nah ppl fedex is the bomb. ups messes up too much
The post office probably thought you were going to mail out your stuff before the price increase. I usually don't mail stuff so I always check online at the USPS website to make sure the price hasn't changed.

I think it makes sense though for the price hike considering the high price of gas these days. Sad
It seems that the postal service has been raising thier rates every 2 years, which is rather amazing, the rates remianed unchanged for about 12 years before this.

I understand the costs involved (they have to pay employees more not to go "postal"), What I can't understand is that the rate increases happen on such a regular basis.
Yeah, i can understand the price increase. I actually use USPS for some packages when i don't want to pay the extra $5 for UPS. Actually, I once ordered 2 items from 2 different people in Florida, and the USPS one got here 1 day before the UPS, though it did weigh about .5 lb less, but the box was about the same size. I guess UPS was just busy that day, or nobody uses US mail in Florida? Rolling Eyes
One of the reasons the postal services increases their rates almost every two years is due to the loss of revenue from big customers, i.e. corporations. Not everyone pays their bills online but almost everyone with internet access can and will access their accounts online for the convenience. All of my major bills bank, utilities, cell phone, car note just to name a few have the option to get electronic statements and do away with the snail mail paper statement. Just imagine how much revenue the USPS loses and the “big boys” save from the consumers checking that little box on their screen that says yes to an online statement and no paper mail. I very seldom use the postal service anymore, expect for cards, invitations and an occasional package that doesn’t need to be wherever in 24 hours. But I knew about the increase, sorry xela, it has been on the news and in the paper for about a month or two. Bottom line is with more second and third party delivery services, speedier delivery times, more convenient and accessible options, USPS is headed down the same road as the dinosaurs, the dodo bird and parachute pants. They are really on their last leg.
Wow, how messed up of them to sell them to you without telling you! Gah. At least you can buy two cent stamps ^^. I definitely love snail mail, and it saddens me that people don't use it as much anymore. As usual, blame technology (internet, cellphones, etc.) It is just, truthfully, easier to keep in touch and get business done online now, or through texting. La. As people use the post office less, postage prices will just keep increasing.
Ah yes, good 'ole mail. I remember using that. Back in the day... hehe. I rarely actually mail things anymore. Of course, I don't have bills or anything like that yet. Hehe...
well, definitely it was very rude not telling you about the price increase, but bare in mind that there are places in the world where no public mail exists, and that the only private mail left, is very,,I mean very expensive..So, I would recommend not to be so confrontational with the us mail,,but understanding and advising in order to help them get better
Hey; the US Postal Service does it's best. It's a business and needs to charge enough to keep itself afloat. There was plenty of warning, and besides... those 2 cent stamps are the coolest.
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