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Half-Life2 hints, cheats, an tips

Do anybody kno and good cheats hints an tips for half-life2 single player only??
I myself never had to use cheats in order to beat Half-Life 2. However, if I did need to use, I would probably visit

It has a a huge archive of cheats and hints for mass collections of games.
If you can't beat HL2 without cheats, that's sad.... I beat it on hard with only dying maybe 3 times on bosses...
Shane, y'bum. Don't go for the easy way out. Half-Life 2 isn't that hard to finish. XD
lol dan your such a nooblet Very Happy lol and shane dont NEED to cheat hes done it loads of times he just wanna see what the cheats are like for hl2 single player
Nah, he just sucks at FPS. XD
I made through HL2 without cheats. Almost.

Cause in one place I got stuck for really really long (one place in the prison), and I finally decided to cheat by spawning out loads of medi kits, but when I did play I also used another tactic, and I figured I wouldn't had needed to cheat Smile
I never really understand the people who use cheats on fps games, I can see the motivation to do so on MMORPG because you can often buy/sell/trade the money on the games for in game and real life benifits like CASH:PRazz Twisted Evil

Then you get those who join a Counter Strike server and just leave there bot on, making everyone wanna leave and ultimatly destroying your score and the servers reputation. There is no real self benifit.

Same with complting story modes to any game, at the end of the day it is your choice as you paid for the game, get through it how you want. BBB-BUT!!! remember a game such as Half life 2 has an amazing story line and alot of detail in terms of graphics. Considering how long it took to develop I think it deserves a little bit more respect.
gelid wrote:
Same with complting story modes to any game, at the end of the day it is your choice as you paid for the game, get through it how you want. BBB-BUT!!! remember a game such as Half life 2 has an amazing story line and alot of detail in terms of graphics. Considering how long it took to develop I think it deserves a little bit more respect.

It's hardly disrespectful to cheat playing a single player game.. If someone isn't skilled enough to play without cheats, or the cheats make it more enjoyable, what's the harm? xD wrote:

Console cheats:
Right click on the Half-Life 2 short-cut, go to "Properties," and add -console at the end of the target line so that it reads:

C:\Program Files\Half-Life 2\hl2.exe-console

Apply the change, close the Properties window, and double-click the short-cut to run the game. During gameplay, press ~ and enter the following.

sk_plr_dmg_357 X X equals .357 damage
sk_plr_dmg_crossbow X X equals crossbow damage
sk_plr_dmg_crowbar X X equals crowbar damage
sk_plr_dmg_grenade X X equals grenades damage
sk_plr_dmg_pistol X X equals pistol damage
sk_plr_dmg_ar2 X X equals Pulse Rifle damage
sk_plr_dmg_rpg_round X X equals RPG rockets damage
sk_plr_dmg_buckshot X X equals shotgun damage
sk_plr_dmg_smg1_grenade X X equals SMG grenades damage
sk_plr_dmg_smg1 X X equals submachine gun damage
Netgraph 1 Show framerate
noclip Walk through walls
sv_cheats 1 Cheat activation
viewmodel_fov X X equals weapon size
impulse 101 All Weapons
skill X X equals skill level, must be 1, 2 or 3
air_density X X equals air density
exec X Executes script X
firstperson First-person view mode
give X X equals desired weapon or item
sv_infinite_aux_power 1 Sprint forever
God God mode
impulse 76 Grunt-O-Matic
notarget Invisibility
mat_numtextureunits X Limit the number of texture units (0 is default)
Map X X equals desired map
mat_fullbright 1 No shadows
mat_fullbright 0 Restore shadows
impulse 203 Removes target
mat_depthbias_normal 1 Transparent walls
sv_gravity X X equals gravity level
sv_friction X X equals level of friction
sv_bounce X X equals bounce multiplier for objects
Developer X Developer mode (0=off, 1=on, 2=verbose)
sv_maxvelocity X X equals maximum velocity of object
hud_quickhelp/text? 1 Show crosshairs
cl_showfps 1 Show FPS
impulse 82 Spawns one jeep
thirdperson Third person view mode
ai_disable Turns enemy AI on and off
sv_unlockedchapters X Unlock chapters 1 thru X
npc_createnpc_X Spawns desired NPC
Klaw 2
you dont need cheats. To crap around you do sometimes need em. You can those cheats really easy on the net, Osmodius has all those cheats. I was at one place a bit stuck but eventueally found out what to do. and who has to use cheats has to read a walkthrough or something first.
goto there you find all kinds of cheats for half-life 2. there are others hacks that included within the site. there is also a tutorial section where they teach you how to make you own cheats Smile
I still remember how fun it was to fire up Doom 2 and rip through the whole game in like 10 minutes by giving yourself a BFG right off the bat. I would never do that before I played through the "right" way, but definitely fun when you don't want to be "bothered" by mobs...
Code Result
god - God mode (server side only)
give - Gives a weapon or an item (see the list below)
buddha - Reduces your health
hurtme # - Hurts the player (# is damage amount)
impulse 101 - All weapons
impulse 82 - Spawns a jeep
notarget - Player becomes hidden to NPCs
noclip - Walk through walls (server side only)
maps - Displays map list
map - Load a specified map (see the list below)
developer # - Sets developer mode to on/off/verbose (0-off, 1-on, 2-verbose)
+mlook - Enables mouse look
hud_quickhelp/text? 1 - Shows crosshair
viewmodel_fov # - Sets the size of the weapon you're carrying (54 is default)
exec - Execute a script file
cl_drawhud 1 - Turns hud display on
cl_enablehud 1 - Turns hud display on
cl_showfps 1 - Shows frames per second in game
npc_create - Creates an NPC (works in worlds that have an NPC entity)
npc_create_aimed - Creates an NPC aiming away from the player.
picker - Toggles 'picker' mode.
setpos - Move player to specified origin (must have sv_cheats 1 enabled).
setang - Snap player eyes to specified pitch yaw (musthave sv_cheats).
sv_gravity # - Set gravity to #
sv_stopspeed # - Set minimum stopping speed when on ground to #
sv_friction # - Sets world friction to #
sv_bounce # - Sets bounce multiplier for physically simulated objects collision
sv_maxvelocity # - Sets the maximum velocity of any moving object to #
sv_waterdist # - Sets vertical view fixup when eyes are near water plane to #
air_density # - Changes the density of air to #
dsp_explosion_effect_duration # - Sets length of confusion/ear-ringing effect to #
prop_debug - Toggle bounding-boxes debug mode on/off (red - ignore damage,
white - respond to damage, green - health)
sv_soundemitter_filecheck - Toggle reporting missing .wav files for sounds
mat_numtextureunits # - Limits the number of texture units to # (0 - let the game decide
how many texture units to use)

if you need more, dont hesitate to ask..
The only cheat I liked in HL2 was the gravity code. It was awesome setting it really low and just jump over a wall, skipping about 3 hours of gameplay Laughing
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