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A Tip on how to get a Girl

A Tip on how to get a Girl

It doesn't really matter if you are handsome(which is actually an advantage) or not so good looking to have a girl friend. what matters is the instention of the guy and to be able to show it to the girl.
confidence, is key.....................u want a girl? u gotta have that....what does it take to have that? u gotta like urself, know who u are, dress how you're comfortable with, and talk with confidence, be smooth and clever, savvy in your own right.....hold ur own...not every guy can get every kind of girl remember that, u have a type that matches for you, find out what type and go for that....but women like men who are men, don't act like a puss....u can do it! Cool
Adding up.. I think what really matters is that show who you really are..
According to BipRULE (My fren's "Love's Superhit Formula - he's got over 100 gfs now):

1. Stay Cool
2. Talk to girls as U talk normally
3. Don't do show-off
4. Sometimes flirt
5. Once U get close enough, take the chance.

Works for him 100% of the times.
Act like a man, not a wimp! They’ll never tell you, but women want masculinity. This doesn’t mean act like a caveman, but never forget you’re the male species.
Agent ME
sarbaraj101 wrote:
(My fren's "Love's Superhit Formula - he's got over 100 gfs now)

But that means he's also broken up hundreds of times (or his face is in the dictionary next to polygamy). Makes me think of the joke about a smoker complaining on how to quit, and the other person tells their secret, and says it's worked 5 times already Razz
CONFIDENCE!!! They can smell fear. Instant sign of weakness & a big turn-off. Why do you think as soon as you have a girlfriend then all these opportunities pop up outta nowhere!!! cuz you're totally not worried about anything cuz you're taken which equals confidence! True story
It matters how you are personally. Shallow girls only go for handsome guys and this just won't last. You just need to be yourself, even if your corky. If it's meant to be it's meant to be. So just be yourself.
sarbaraj101 wrote:
According to BipRULE (My fren's "Love's Superhit Formula - he's got over 100 gfs now):
Works for him 100% of the times.

Pardon me if I don't believe a guy bragging about his success with women Smile
Actually, in my experience, guys that do particularly well with women are simply good at deciding who is an easy target. Works if you are a shallow sort who only wants to get an, I mean laid.

If that's all you want, that's cool. But to think that any simple formula is gonna get any girl is pretty naive.
Be yourself, who you are, stay confident with your life and if you don't think about "getting a girl" you'll find yourself being more of who you are instead of trying to impress the girl.

This is a quote I have no idea who said it but
"Learn to love yourself before you learn to love another"

and I think that is very true. If you love yourself, others will also love you.
If you want to "get a girl" you can just refer to any men's magazine for their tips on seduction, etc.

But for some of us, we're not looking to "get a girl" but rather to find someone who compliments us and who we like spending time with. She's not just "a girl" but rather "the girl."

I say raise your standards. Don't make silly rules of course or refuse to be interested in a girl that isn't a professional model. Instead, only go after the ones you're really interested in. Sometimes you can tell just by observing someone that they are very much your type--especially if you are already somehow acquainted with that person. Other times, you just see someone you think is attractive and want to talk to them. The key is that you can't be genuinely interested in someone until you have some idea who they are and what their name is (I do have a short list of names that are no-go's, like my mom's name Razz)--so there's no pressure for the conversation, because you don't know where you're going with it.

Just say hello and talk. (It helps to say your name, too.) It is important to be yourself NOT for the girl but for you! YOU want to see how she responds to YOU being yourself so that you really get a glimpse of who she is.

The person that won't talk to you or is rude to you for approaching is either (A) really busy, frazzled, etc. or (B) a rude person. The person that is simply not interested is someone the conversation will never really strike up with and you'll notice that it doesn't satisfy your standards. And the person that you could be interested in and who is interested in you will find conversation with you charming and then you'll know to make your move.
Be yourself accept for all your bad sides Smile . And have some humour. Diffrent girls like diffrent mans but act like a man not boy have confidence but not ego or act like a ******. But be sure on waht you say and do.

See the dejt like a fun thing were you and the girl gone have fun not just ending in bed. And listen to her not talk about boring things like how fun it is to program in C++.

Good Luck
Here's some advice most won't agree with but: stop trying. Girls can sense if someone is desperate, and most find it a turn off. Seem completely indifferent to the idea, unattainable, and they will be chasing you. Of course you have to have the courage to talk to them first.
Well For starters:

-remember her likes

remember what she tells you, her likes dislike etc. because you're showing you care!

Also, I don't know why but girls have a funny way of communication called body language.

They let their gestures communicate.

such as:
-Flicking hair means interest
-biting lip too.

such as those learn to read them and know whe to continue or retreat!
Here's some advice most won't agree with but: stop trying.

Past experiences have proven this quite true but it can differ on a case by case basis. For me it definitely applies... I've never once ever in my life picked someone up at a bar or even made friends or met someone or anything.. I can be the best looking guy in the whole place and just get shot down left and right no matter if I'm trying to meet someone or not!! And it's not even like I'm a social wreck or anything either I have no problem meeting people elsewhere. I dont know what it is about the bar scene that makes me + meeting people impossible. Meanwhile my friend who's not the least bit attractive will go in there and fetch some tail in 5 minutes flat without trying to time & time again!! I dont get it.. I hate barstars...
If we're talking about what attracts women to men:


Those are the big ones and applies to 90% of women out there that I dated. Whether you are funny, confident or easy to talk to comes a distant second to the above. I should know, I have plenty of the latter and little of the first list and it took me forever to get anywhere.
be yourself. don't be fake
Well personally I believe if you show them the real you, you have nothing to be ashamed of cause you put yourself out there for the world to see, and women appreciate that, well at least, I know I do. And yea, making rude remarks such as "I think you're hot!" or "I'd smack that!" isn't going to make a women want you, it'll make her want you even less. So please, think before you speak, be courteous! Just my advice...

~love: nIkKi
In other words: Just be yourself because that is the only way that you will feel confident and it will boost your chances of getting with the girl of your dreams. Trying to be someone/something that your are not will lead to disaster. Cool
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