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.html or .php?

AOP Web Development
Hello guys! im planning to make a web development website.. well as of now im starting to create the design the page... I just like to ask some tips.. in terms in search engine optimization... is it advisable to my site to make dynamic of my contents? i mean i want it to make the content dynamic meaning it comes from the database so that i can easily change the text anytime i want.. but i'm just confuse if ever i will do it.. can it will be easily crawl my site into any web search engine?

And anyway is there any reflection if my pages will .php or is it advisable to make it .html? Wink Wink
It doesn't matter you save yr pages as .php or .html if those are static pages I always save them as .php for its easy for add parted later. but if your page "content"is 100% dynamic then it will be a bit of a problem it wont be easy for spiders to crawl through yr site.
I recommend PHP over HTML
yeah i do it to. but i dont know how to get php Wink Wink Rolling Eyes
I agree with all above, people, web developers and indeed yourself, will find it very beneficial if you start coding in PHP. But for great web site design and easy content management and a more dynamic viewer interface, Content Management Systems are the way to go.
It will check content in you html or php file ...
Yeah I agee also, you should use php to make your web site and take profit from CMS beneficts. But in terms of SEO, be careful to have meaning links, links like content.php?a=category_article_name rather than an automatically generated ID ... (a=id546465). The firt one is recommanded for a better SEO. Arrow
Actually php files are useful for updating the contents....But making these php files fully dynamic would result in problems for the spiders to crawl the pages smoothly.....
I recomment using .php, you can start with just having normal html code in it without a single piece of php code, then you can add php code afterwards easily.

If you make .html (or .htm) files and decide afterwards to change them to .php files you will need to redirect traffic from the old (removed) .htm(l) page to the new .php page. Ofcource that can be done, but it's easier if you don't have to Wink. If you plan to never use php, then using .htm(l) might be a better option.

There is no difference between .php and .htm(l) for the spiders. The question is how frequently the page content will change. SO using a database coupled with php instead of htm to make your life easier to do your (example) weekly update of the content won't make the life of the spiders any harder.

The spiders will start to have problem when your page is loaded with stuff that is changing rapidly (ie every refresh / minute ...). But you can create such pages with htm(l) too ... (ie javascript).
As per my knowledge Very Happy , so long as you use a dynamic website, there is no problem. The problem may be when you use automatically generated website links including IDs etc. (it is said above). The only pmajor problem for search engine is to find links hidden in JAVASCRIPT and FLASH files. So, avoid using DHTML menu or other ways to handly links because in such a case, search engine cant find the link to the next page (or whatever page).

i use .html and sometimes .htm. I have, till now, not used .php.
Leave the files with their .php extension but use mod_rewite to hide them.
a. u can insert php code in html file, just add an apache handler to your hosting settings

b. crawling system will rely only on links. although you have very dynamic urls, but if all of them well linked, i think IT'S FINE.

c. couple of SEO geeks, said that no matter u use php, htm, html, cfm etc etc crawler wont know the language u used, what crawler seek is only HTML/XHTML format.
so, only the output html does matter here.

d. i prefer to use html.

is there anyone here...

know a tutorial for url rewriting...

i think it will be a big help for SEO
Yeah I tkhink it's a good idea to invoke url redirection here as a topic.

So could every one tell us his experience about that ??
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