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More than just chocolate, knives, and watches...

Switzerland is our kind of country! Especially after the "lines are for tourists!" attitude of the Italians, we enjoyed the organized and clean system of Switzerland. It is probably the country we would choose to go back to the first as we felt like we got our money's worth every step of the way-- every turn of the road offered us a free picture perfect view, and all the things we did pay for were so of the most amazing treats ever!

First, the Swiss may be known for cheese and chocolate (and they didn't disappoint!), but they also are just good with food! After spending a week and a half in Italy, we had the BEST Italian food when we ate out at a Italian restaurant in Switzerland. And the best ice cream in the world comes from Switzerland-- Movenpicks (with two dots over the 'O'). All five of us (Jenn, Jessica, Nicole, Chris, and I) voted that the vanilla must actually be made in heaven. Of course we had fondue in Switzerland and a local speciality from Gruyere called raclette, which is melted cheese under an oven that is scrapped off at the table onto potatoes and pickles. Also divine.

Another celestial site to behold was the view from onto of the mountains! Leave it to the Swiss to figure out a system to pull people from a small valley nestled between the Eiger, Jungfrau, and Schilthorn to the top of these 11,000 foot mountains. A gondola starts at the bottom, then brings you to the next level, then another gondola is there to bring you to the next-- five rides later you are at the top of the mountains and you haven't walked more than 10 feet! Perfect!! Chris took this journey up, then hiked down from the top. Along the way he saw 100 foot waterfalls, a James Bond movie showing scenes taken from these mountains, and cows and goats with giant bells around their necks.

To pay homage to a few of Chris' hero's, we journeyed out to Geneva to visit the city where Reformed thought began and flourished. There, Chris got to be John Calvin for a minute, we got to listen to John Knox speak in a presentation by the International Reformed Museum, see some samples of writings from Karl Barth, and tour through the ruins of Reformation Geneva. It was a spectacular city, and this museum was the best one we have seen in Europe. In our lives. Ever. The best. And it was one of the most inexpensive museums on our trip. It didn't feel like the Swiss put a museum to make some money off of the sites-- instead it felt like they were there to teach people about the sites that they are seeing. What a concept!

We had a great time hanging out with Nicole in her little town of Pully near Lausanne. It is the French part of Switzerland, and we were dying for German by the end! And it was nice to come home-- we really do feel like Germany is our home now as it was so great to go back to our familiar grocery stores, bakeries, and ice cream shops. Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home! Laughing
Switz is one place my sis always wanted to visit.

Thanks for the writing.
It has always sounded like a nice place to me. I haven't really based that opinion on much fact. What I do know, is that, as you mentioned, they are known for chocolate, knives, and watches, so any country that can produce fine goods can't be all bad. The stable economy isn't a negative factor, either.
All I've seen is the bus ride back and forth between the Geneva airport and the Valdesaire/Tignes ski area in France.

It is very pretty there.

What is the name of the tree trimming technique that leaves the top of the tree trunk covered with real short tree limbs? They look like giant wooden suckers in the winter.
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