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Football - Milan - Winner of the Champions League

This was the main mark of the heading of the Champions League conquered by the Milan in this Wednesday, in the stadium Olímpico ine Atenas, when being successful the Liverpool for 2 the 1. The Italian teams conquered its seventh European heading - in 11 disputed ends - after entering in the continental competition in the tapetão. After being runner-up Italian in season 2005-06, the team milane was punished by envolvement in the scandal of manipulation of result of the Italian Championship, the Calciocaos. In the first judgment, the Milan lost 44 points and, with this, it fell for the eighth rank, it are of zone of classification for the Pantry of the Champions and even though for the Pantry of the UEFA. But after appealing of the decision, Italian Justice reduced the penalty of rossoneri for 30 points and went up for the third rank. Thus, it entered in the continental match in the preliminary phase. With two victories on Red Star, of the Serbia, the Italian teams was for the phase of groups of the Champions. Classified, the Milan fell in one of the groups most fragile of the match - that it counted on Lille, of France, AEK Atenas, of Greece and Anderlecht, Belgium - and if it classified in the first rank with ten points, being three victories, one ties up to and two defeats. In the eighth-of-end, a great one I suffocate. After one 0 the 0 with the Celtic in the Escócia, the Italians had obtained to pass of phase with goal of Kaká, in the extension, playing in house. In the fourth-of-end of the Pantry of the Champions, finally the milanês teams started to present a good soccer and to give samples of that he could be champion. Against the Bayern de Munique, he ties up to in 2 the 2 in the first departure, playing in Milan. In the game in return, Germany, victory of respect for 2 the 0, with gols of Seedorf and Inzaghi. The semifinal against the Manchester United started complicated. After making 2 the 1 in the first time, with two gols of Kaká, the Milan left the English to turn in 3 the 2, with two gols of Wayne Rooney. But in the game it comes back, a show in San Siro. In memorable departure of Kaká and Seedorf, the Milan won for 3 the 0 without leaving the Red Devils at least to arrive close to the goal. The end had a taste of revenge for the Italians, although the players to deny this. Two years after having lost the end of the continental match in the pênaltis, the Milan reencontrava the Liverpool to try to change history. E obtained. In a departure very balanced, the Italians had won for 2 the 1 and had raised the européia goblet for the seventh time of its history.
Punctuation is your friend.

It makes that much easier to read, and forums rules state that if you copy paste something from another source you are required to use Quote tags. Even if the post has been put through an online translater.
Simply put, Milan beat Liverpool 2-1
Inzaghi's night Smile
It's luck you know, especially the first score.
Well You can't just put luck out of the way , Its definetly going to play its part.
It wasn't a great match.. but the better team won (especially in the second half) .

Gj for Milan, they did the work and took the cup.
The italian teams are strong.. I didn't think, however,after the scandal with betting and stuff last year, there would be an italian champion this year..
i am a fan of milan. shevchenko will turn back milan. i think milan will win the cup next year too Very Happy
most of the time when a team beats man utd in the champion league knock out stages, they go on to win the champion league? etc porto ac millian
nice pattern u noticed there wesleyoh Smile

Btw I'm glad Milan won it. I'm #1 liverpool hater Laughing
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