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The Secret

Anyone read The Secret?

I just did... I don't really know what to think of it. I think I've acted that way most of my life, without knowing it.

Do you have anything that happened to you related to The Secret? Anything that didn't work, or, completely worked just like you wanted ?

I'm curious!
I haven't read the Secret myself, but from what I've heard about it, what people are telling me, the media attention on it, a notably hilarious wind up of it, and really obvious logic telling me the universe does not just magically give you things ... It's a load of BS.

Positive thinking IS a good thing. But ONLY when the positive thinking actually causes YOU to go out and EARN what you want.
I've heard bad things about it from some pretty intense bookworms that I trust a lot. I don't think I'll bother with it any time soon.
I think "The Secret" is a load of crap. I've read what the author has had to say about her work, that you just have to think and envision your thoughts to make them come true. Doesn't that sound a little bit like daydreaming to you? Hell, I bet a lot of people dream about winning the lottery and walking up to receive their million dollars but nothing happens. My daydreams sure never come true lol. If "The Secret" really did work, I'd secret my way to becoming an actress haha
"The Secret" is no secret! Laughing

I haven't read it--I don't think that I even plan on doing so--yet from what I have been hearing from the reviews and write-ups, I think that this is all common sense. Razz People have been doing it for years... what's so new about it?

I remember back in my old university, my English professor chose a bunch of lucky students to "coach"--turns out that she is a professional "personality coach". She basically told us all about the power of positive thinking and the benefits of constant visualization.

She told us about one exercise which worked for me. Razz It could have been just plain coincidence, but oh well. Sad

So she handed out some old magazines and asked us to cut out the things that we desire [e.g. a car, a picture of a place (to signify a vacation), a cellphone, a new laptop, etc...]. We created picture collages from all of those cut-outs. She told us to just absorb and look at all these objects. She told us, in a few months' time, one or more [or all!] of these things would come true.

Three months later, I got that new car and laptop on my collage. XD

A week later, my friend got that new cellphone.

Six months later, my professor got that brand-new car.

Coincidence? I don't know either. The bottom line is, positive thinking works. We don't need "The Secret" to tell us all about it. Wink

[Or that's just what I think, at least. Razz]
I must agree with you Darvit, the Secret is no secret. How else can you explain that there hardly ever are any cars nearby whenever I need to cross the street? Or the fact, that if you truly want something, I mean truly, you always get it in the end?
I'vew seen the video, and i'm looking for the book (if someone have the ebook please pm-me)

I was reading "the science to get rich", it's interesting that even if you are somewhat eskeptical
about this kind of theory you'll have to agree its true, its almost a paradigma ^^ ...

But in fact i think there one truth in everything i read and lsiten about the the subjecty, you get what you do and you just do things you think of, i guess it was said thousand years ago by several persons...

Just as lincoln said, Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be...
(And i'm not american ^^)
Happy to see that most people here see this for what it is -- a load of utter hogwash.

There's a great SNL parody on Oprah and The Secret -- check it out.

SNL Spoofs The Secret

or at least, there was !!!! Poofed for copyright violation. Alas.
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