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JynxAnims Version 4.0 Refreshed

Well, after about two months of all of that planning, designing, coding, graphic making crap, then SCRAPPING....then doing all of that planning, designing, coding, and graphic making crap AGIAN, JynxAnims Version 4.0 Refreshed has finally been completed.
I was aming for a very clean layout that looked "Refreshed" (where I got that subtitle) and I am very glad on how this came up. All of the graphics (except for the eggs pic in the bottom left of the layout (that was made by Rid)) was made by me. I did all of the css and html coding and basically designed the entire layout and stuff.
New features to the site, as you will see, include me showcasing other people's animations as well as my own. (So far, I have werez and Rid on the crew). A tutorials section has also been added (1 tut so far). And, well, I think that's about it.

Just go there now and spread the word!!!
JynxAnims Version 4.0 Refreshed
JynxAnims Version 4.0 Refreshed
JynxAnims Version 4.0 Refreshed
Wow...noting to say in 1 whole day? C'mon guys it's not THAT bad. Just want some feedback...
And another day and about 7 hours go by. LOL.
Feedback plz?
well seems like ill be the first person for comments....

well i do like the enthusiasm you put in it... like your post... but honestly i didnt relly go like WOW when i saw it...

firstly 'Refreshed' ... dunno where you put all the refreshing scenes... but the only place i figure one is in your logo..

but still it's a good overall template... the color is good.. the anims are good though... i like the army Razz

well good luck with your site !

P.S. the eggs on the lower left..... dont look like eggs Razz
I like the site overall, simple and keeps the theme connected to your topic. Looks like a lot of work was put into it Smile
I personally think it's a bit too old school for me, but it looks very nice and everything is organized. I like the colors too.
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