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What combination are you?

What console combination are you?
 23%  [ 4 ]
 5%  [ 1 ]
Wii60+ps3 cuz i'm damn stinking rich!
 0%  [ 0 ]
just one of the new consoles cuz that's all i can afford
 70%  [ 12 ]
Total Votes : 17

I'm a Wii60 and proud. I just think that this is a good one bc all the game use to be ps3 exclusive is releasing for the 360 too like DMC4 and such. So I like swinging my wiimote and blasting demons Very Happy
what a terrible poll. I mean, I can afford all 3 consoles, but why bother? I like my PS3, I've tried Wii, and wasn't that impressed by it. The 360 just doesn't cut it for me, and doesn't have enough good exclusives to make me buy it.
my dad could afford em all Laughing
but i don't need em im happy with my ps2 Cool Cool
p.s. and idont have wii or ps3 games
Wii and 360. I could afford a PS3, but there's nothing I direly want to play on it right now. Until it gets something that impresses me, the PS3 is not going to find a place in my home.
I don't have any just yet, but out of them all I'm looking at PS3. Most think Sony as a pile of crap, but I've followed them since they released Plastaytion 1 and will continue to for as long as I can. The PS3 has a few good titles I'm looking forward such as A Knights Story and probably like everyone else, Final Fantasy XIII. I still get a ton of enjoyment from both my PSOne and PS2 though right now, so there's no urge to get the PS3 as of yet.

Microsoft are one of the biggest money hungry corporations out there. I've played the 360 countless times, and it is enjoyable, but I wouldn't pay money myself for one. The number of problems people I know who have them have had are ridiculous too. One friend has had to send his to get repaired 4 times last year, each with a minimum of 2 weeks for a new one/repaired.

The Wii is a representation of what Nintendo have always been about; family/group fun. 99% of their games are suited for all ages and therefore, don't always appeal to everyone (weird, eh?). Like Sony, I've always been a fan of Nintendo, mainly because I was brought up with the NES and SNES. I'd probably get a Wii one day, but like I said, I'm content with what I have right now.
I don't have any either yet, but I guess my first upcoming console will be the Xbox 360. Don't like the Wii too much, bet it's going to get boring fast and the PS3 is so overpriced and overrated.
Well, I could afford all of them. There actually is a chance that I might. I will almost certainly purchase a Wii for the innovation, fun, and new gaming experience that no other console can offer. I admire many of the games, thus I'll most likely purchase it. The Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 both possess graphical prowess and raw power. Choosing between the two really depends on the games and what you want out of the console. The Xbox 360 currently has some more games that appeal to me than the PS3, and I probably will go for the Elite. The Playstation 3 also appeals to me because of the hardware. Currently, I just fear that the Playstation 3 will fail.

So, basically, I'm for all 3, but I won't just run out and buy them all. The Wii is on the top of my list, and at the moment, the 360 is second. If the PS3 can roll out some more games, I'll go for it.
I probably shouldn't even bother mentioning it, but you know there are people out there with just an older console, or possibly not even one console at all?

I consider myself one of the last group. And I don't mind. Honestly, life has more aspects to it than gaming. And my PC fully satisfies that one small portion of it. The only thing a console is, is a money sink.

(boy am I going to get flamed...) Rolling Eyes
Options should've been:

- Wii60
- WiiS3
- PS360
- WiiS360
- Why on earth would I want more than one?
- I'm too poor to afford any of the nex-gen consoles

But kind of a silly poll if you ask me
I paid around 200 Dollars for my Atari 2600 in the hm early 80s, imported thought... Today a new console may cost 3 times that here... Isn't this bit odd? The price shouldn't go up that much... OK the hardware was simpler but still costly in these days... N they were made with better craftmanship. I used to work at the manufactorer for xbox n the welding standard was not as good as back then.
Fire Boar
Satori wrote:
Options should've been:

- Wii60
- WiiS3
- PS360
- WiiS360
- Why on earth would I want more than one?
- I'm too poor to afford any of the nex-gen consoles

But kind of a silly poll if you ask me

Agreed. I haven't voted because none of the options applies to me. And what about the PS360 people? Mind you... 360 and PS3 are virtually the same. You'd be daft to get them and ignore Wii altogether - it's just so different! The 360 has the biggest selection of games at the moment because it was released early 2006. ALL of the Wii games are exclusive. Yes. ALL of them. The control scheme forces this to happen. Hopefully this means Wii won't be getting as many shoddy movie tie-ins rushed out. And the PS3... IIRC there are only one or two games worth getting, only one of which is exclusive. So you'd be daft to get a PS3 at all for the games - blu-ray is the only thing that makes it at all worthwhile.

Yup, I'm a 'tendoid. I have a Wii, and I don't have plans to spend my money on anything extra. PC gaming does my "normal" gaming; Wii does my "something cool and fun" gaming.

Incidentally, I love the way "Wii" just fits into loads of words. Notably the names of the other consoles - WiiS3, Wii60, AtarWii 2600, DWiimcast (okay, perhaps not the last two).
I don't have any yet, but I've been promised a Wii in upcoming months.
I see that one choice is only "1" new one because that is all that I can afford. I cannot say that. I have "0" because I cannot afford any. I still play my old systems. They are still pretty good.
"just one of the consoles coz that's all i can afford"??????

Because obviously money is the only thing that's stopping people owning more than one console....

No really, I have absolutely no interest in the Wii and neither of the next-gen consoles have enough exclusive games for me to consider getting both. Between my PS3 and PS2 and pretty much covered.
I don't have ANY next gen consoles. I could buy one or two, but really the only console I'd want to get is Wii, and then only for a few select games, some of which haven't even been released yet. Laughing At the moment I still have a GameCube, although lately only to play SSBM (and a GBA I haven't played for some time) [/PC Gamer]
If I had to buy a console right now, I would have to sell my soul to the devil and buy micro$hits xbox360, why?

Well the PS3 is obviously to expense for what you will get for it.
And the Wii has nice controller shit and such but currently there are not many interesting games for it at the moment.

only 1 is left is the Xbox360, it has a lot of games, good graphics and it's not to pricy.
I suppose i could buy one... but why would i?
I use my computer for all intense games, and my friend owns a wii.
I jsut use the wii in two player nayway, its crazy and the only game that has made me break a sweat... (never did ddr)
If i were to get one, it would be the PS3 jsut for the blueray, but id like to ssit that one out for a bit to see if it gets adapted.
I'm a WiiPsp, I chose the PSP over the DS because at the time the psp was hyped to be the greatest portable gaming device ever. I sort of regret it now though Laughing Soon I'll be getting the Xbox 360 because of the online gaming. I thought finally I would be able to do some hardcore console online gaming so I got a Wii, but the Wii doesn't seem to match the 360 online gameplay services yet.
all ive got is a pc, and a broken snes Laughing
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