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I named this topic FIFA, because now i play FIFA07 but on autumn i think Smile i'll play FIFA08 Smile
I play fifa 07 alot now, somehow I think the lower series games are more fun since they play less accurate... I think that's more realistic in my world Smile
FIFA07 at this moment i'd say is the best simulator of fotball, better than ProEvolution
I don't only play fifa 2000 if I play fifa. Otherwise I play pes6. I have fifa 2004 but I think that there is no real way to make my own desition the same with pes6. How is it with the newest fifa? what I mean is that for example I stand and wait for a ball but I want to run away the fotballplayer will stand there like a fool and look at the ball. I don't remember how it is with fifa but with pes6 when I make a pass to another player. the player runs but I have no way to make a shortcut so I can be first on ball. Thats why I like fifa 2000 so much. It's not perfekt but you have big freedom. ou can even kik down the goalkeeper when he holds the ball Smile
Peterssidan wrote:
ou can even kik down the goalkeeper when he holds the ball Smile
in FIFIA03 also you can kick him Smile , but FIFA07 is very realistic, i mean the graphics, gameplay, sound the best Smile
Hm, I think the players graphically can be much better regarding the movement. Some moves are very frekvent n then it seems a bit unrealistic/ undone. But overall quite nice for being an EA release.
Maletz: how can you say that? even EA admits that Pro evolution 6 is a far better SIMULATOR. the FIFA series are arcadic and meant to be fun, which they are indeed, but if you're going for the feel of football, play pro evo.

now back to FIFA. After playing '03 and '04, I decided to stop playing them. I mean, licenced music and players doesn't automatically mean a game is good. I miss the old days when FIFA road to world cup 98 and FIFA 99 were the best ones. I could play them all day and still have fun with them the next day. Then came fifa 200 and kinda ruined the whole feel, and from there down it was all downhill for me, so I started buying/playing the pro evo series instead. Sure they didn't have licenced anything back then, but they sure had that same feel of football that 98 and 99 had.
i play FIFA coz there are many leagues english, italian, spanish...
with a lot of teams Smile in pro evo i dont like that it's hard to play without a joystick Smile at least for me
the leagues are big actually n that's a major thing is a footy-simulator - I have played 07 for 2 hours yesterday n I think it's has becomed very good this year.

I remember that when sensible soccer 'the world' version came in the '90s we was stunned by the bigness of leagues - just that meakes the games in a biggger dimension - so fun - to be a manager in england to be fired n have to take on a team in asia Smile) (no other wants you...).
Of course a bit arcade still but has taken big steps in the sim mode. And it works well on a slow computer.

Also there are 'goals' in the carrersim like making a number of goals n coming in top of charts n so on - that's fun too.
everyone with his option , somebody likes FIFA, somebody ProEvo
I have played FIFA 2007 at my friend's place.
It was so good. All the players were looking so real. I played with MAN U and ronaldo and roonie were looking so real like I was playing with them in real. Now I want to buy one for me also.
ankitjain wrote:
I have played FIFA 2007 at my friend's place.
It was so good. All the players were looking so real. I played with MAN U and ronaldo and roonie were looking so real like I was playing with them in real. Now I want to buy one for me also.
thanx ankitjain that you have understand the diference Smile
Patriot Players
The FIFA series has always been excellent. I have yet to play the latest version as the next gen console I want to get is a Wii and from what I can tell FIFA 07 isnt available for Wii. ah well maybe next year. I had been playing the FIFA series on my PSP but PSP has become such a waste of time I dont even bother with it anymore. Shame really.
I'm liking Fifa 07 a lot. It plays superb on the Xbox.
I tested the xbox version at a vendor n it wasn't like the PC version - the players seemed smoother on xbox... N more verstile... Strange, anybody else got this feeling?
I have FIFA 2004 for gamecube and its pretty fun though I can't wait for '08 to come out for the Wii. It seems like it would be a whole new experience. It will have online play and motion controls which i think will give the game a fresh feel.
Not a fan of Fifa, Pro Evo all the way for me. I'm not too bothered about the poor commentary or less licensed teams, its all about the gameplay and Pro Evo just beats Fifa hands down in that respect.
I really love Fifa 07. It's the best game!!
Patriot Players
Oh good, glad to hear the Wii is getting 08. I was worried the franchise wouldnt try to tackle the challenges of developing for such a different console. Looking forward to seeing what they can do with it then, should be interesting. (Tie the wiimote to your foot anyone? Laughing )
I have read that (to answer my question above) there is a great difference in the Xbox 360 version... The console version calculates movement depending on witch leg the player stands on... So the xbox 360 version is better by far...

On the other hand - my pc is so slow theat it would kill itself if it did that calculations...
But, I quite recently noticed a bug in the XBOX Version. You CANNOT Switch Your PLAYER! Does it happen in yours as well?
FIFA is a great game for PC i remember when i played fifa 97 my first football game now the graphics changed too much, But i think PES or WE are better they are more realistic than FIFA and have and extra skill wich, in my opinion gave it the position #1.
I like the FIFA series. It's an awesome game. I've never played PES, so I can't say my personal opinion on which is better. But anyway, I like FIFA's graphics, sound, and gameplay. People say PES's gameplay is smoother, but I can't say my opinion on that.

Moving on, I'm currently playing FIFA 07, and it's pretty good. I'm playing Manager Mode and am currently in my 6th season as Atlas.

I can't wait for FIFA 08 to come out because of the new improved controls and the new features!
FIFA is a cool game, aand there will always be a new one with even better graphics.. and never ending story of success.
Hey, what exactly are the new features of FIFA 08? Could you tell me? I think that'll make my desire for the game increase ...
Hey.....even I like FIFA and would really be waiting to know abt the new version.
I have Fifa 07 on my PC and the players only have 8 directions that they can go since I don't have a joystick... I find that if you miss a pass because you're either really bad at the game and can't aim straight or the game lags it will nearly always land precisely on the path of the opposing team. The tricks are quite hard to do with a keyboard (I've lost the manual and that makes things tougher) but I actually think it's a good game and I like it a lot. I like Manager Mode especially because it's real fun tweaking your team into the perfect position with the perfect players etc. Online play is a bit weird though, since 40% of the time when you're connecting to your opponent the game takes you back to the lobbies, and that's very annoying. \Also, sometimes your opponent cheats by messing with the connection somehow (A modem, maybe?) so that the game freezes as soon as the ball is approaching either goals. And to end, the game has a superb collection of music from all over the world and some of those tunes have really been stuck into my head. All in all, a superb game.
I hope they still gonna release Fifa 08 on the old Xbox, but I doubt it Sad.
Like some game critics said about Spider-man 3 (the game) it was made for console, and it hasn't been adapted well for PC. This happen at Fifa07 too regarding tricks. Lets see the simplest trick: lifting the ball. To lift the ball you need to press shift forward backward forward; to hold the ball between your legs and jump with it you have to keep pressed the last forward button. If i do the trick 75% the player turns around. If I make it and hold down the forth button 100% it won't keep it between it's legs.
Anyway, the idea of pressing forward, backward, up, up/down, left, right, up again, down twice is like a game for 3 years old. Another modern game that uses silly controls is GTA San Andreas. In San Andreas you can 'dance' with your car by pressing the arrows when they pass trough a circle. C’mon?! It has been rated as 18+.
So if you don’t want a headache just play normally.
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