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trip gone disaster

you planned the trip right from the beginning, but without fail something does make a well planned trip go do share your experience ---where did you go..what goes wrong and things to avoid...(like disaster happened before boarding etc)

my own and friends sis all planned this 5 days get away at a resort....everything was perfect from boarding till we landed at the place-we were picked and sent to the this a package trip...we have to dine at the place...well the food not to my dislike..but i've to eat coz we all saved up money for this trip(went when we were student)...dont know what gone wrong me and friends end up with food poisoning on the third day...just imagine three out of five of us..."holidaying" in hospital no only that we stuck not knowing what the heck happened to us for a while (im damn terrified at that moment) coz language barrier but thnx god a fellow willing to be a translator angel(i guess i looked pretty pathetic- cried cried cried bcoz freaking out) Crying or Very sad

so if you want to pick a cheap trip package be careful in the eating department and at least know how to say whats going on? help me! save me ! in that foreign language
See, the problem is that you and your friends bought someone else's itinerary. You in fact didn't have one, you had your tickets and your stuff and paid someone else to plan your stay. Trust me, as soon as you decide where you want to go, the more research you do yourself, the better your trip is going to be! The places you stay, the eateries you frequent, more than likely you can find genuine reviews from people just like yourself who have been there.

A great vacation is just like anythig else. The more time & effort you put into it, the better it'll be. I sincerely hope things go better next time. If you like to hike and photograph beautiful scenery, here's an itinerary for ya! lol
well, I've certainly had some disasters come up during trips. From train strikes and altitude sickness (NOT fun, fyi), missed connections and wrong connections, crazy cab drivers, deserted haunted hostels on mountainsides far above the city... anyone else got some good stories?
only had one experience like this.. was a few years ago.. was going with a friend, just travel around in our country.. for fun, during a few weeks.. planed this all spring.. and the day we where gonna leave, he withdraw.. his parents talked him out of it.. was rly sad and pissed that day..
In Amsterdam when I was there on an interail traveling thing anyway there I was asked to give my wallet away and a man showed me his knife,I was really scared.
Also a man led us for what seems for milesa nd miles around the city and we were a little scared because all he said was " Yeh its just a little bit further" Any way the funny thing was that we ended up in a bar which we had already visited early that day so all our paporiona was gone and we felt safe again....
Tim Graham
Not being able to find somewhere to park to have dinner in Albury (a small city on the border of New South Wales and Victoria in Australia), and ending up accross the border in the red light district of neighbouring town Wodonga.

We had dinner at a fish and chip shop between an Adult Video Emporium and an opshop. Not reccomended.
I have fond memories of flying into Jakarta airport and finding that the whole of Jakarta was flooded, none of the taxis or buses were moving and no-one landing at the airport was going anywhere. The airport authorities were allowing aircraft to land but weren't letting anything take off. The place was absolutely packed wall-to-wall - and people were losing their patience. It was about to turn into a riot as, despite all the flooding, there was almost no drinking water and the toilets were indescribable.

Finally I met up with someone who had a 4x4 so we decided to give it a go. I used the street map to navigate between streams and rivers (in theory that kept us on high-ish ground) as we went from hotel to hotel dropping people off. Although we were trying to keep to high ground the footwells in the car were still filling up. Finally, after about 4 hours, we reached my hotel (the Shangri-La) but it was cut off by flood water. So close, but so far away.

I decided I wasn't going to give up. I put my suitcase on my head and waded through waste-high - sometimes chest-high - flood-water to get to the front door. I'll never forget the look on the desk-clerk's face when I arrived! They certainly weren't expecting anyone.

Soaked to the skin with flood-water, rainwater, and everything else a flood brings with it, I didn't want to trail all manner of sh!t (literally) through the hotel so I used one of the public rest-rooms near the lobby to strip off, have a wash, then I wrapped a hotel towel around myself and went to my room for a nice long soak in the bath. Smile
We just returned from a two week vacation in Wisconsin. While my girlfriend and myself were at the car rental counter, her sister and her son sat waiting for us. During that time her son was curious as to how his mother knew she had the right luggage. She eventually became aware that she never verified anything beyond the bag's appearance and in fact had taken someone else's bag. She of course quickly returned to baggage claim and found the man waiting for his bag to come out of the carousel. She was lucky it worked out, it could've ruined her whole trip.

Anyway, we spent two weeks in Door County. Nice area, but you don't need two weeks to view what scenery there is to offer. Now, if you're into boating, particularly sailing, you could spend all summer there and not get bored!
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