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Worms 4 maythem

i love worms series game... shooting n the funny action of the worms.. love it..
this game got new costomised can do on your team.. can became ET worms or something else too..
eventhought it have be released quite a long time now.. but i still love it...
any worms wacky maniac??
I love all the worm series. Worms 4 are a realy big break, but they are little bit complicated for me as a navigatian and controls.
You have to use all the keyboard, and I dont have many experience with that.
I play a lot Worlds Worm Party. For me thay are most suatable aa a game.
I love to hear that someone likes this game also.
I never liked the 3D games, only the 2D games.
The 3D Worms just confused the hell out of me. I somehow always hit the tip of some projectile or a grenade bounced back and annihilated me.
Yea, I also dislike 3d Worms, they've all kinda lost all the fun. It's just not the same, 2d version is more dynamic, you can feel the action. In 3d parts it's just slower and more boring... Worms 2d forever Very Happy
well worm 2d are nice.. simple and very easy to control.. good for beginner..
worm 3d .. nice smooth 3d grapic (cute).. complex game sytem.. but full of many new and xcited feature.. such as.. aim system cosyum system( worm 4 mayhem), more thing to unlock, more xciteting story line... new add feature to item...such as grabing function of the ninja rope.. nice.. more animation!!

other word.. more better(My opnion)
I've played most of the 2D worm games and really liked the gameplay. Never tried out the newer 3D versions though cuz of lack of good graphics card.
Yeah i went through a stage of playing worms world party day and night. Online was the most fun. I like to play the Roper and Pro Roper matches where there are certain rules and you have to fly around using the nija rope to swing you through the air. Was good fun.

I havent tried a 3D worms game but just by the sounds of it i dont think i would like it better then the 2D worms.
I play this game whit friend and for me is the best of all worms releases. There are new wepons and hints. We can buy things at market and get gold with win the game.
Patriot Players
Worms World Party is where its at. To be honest its sad that worms had to go 3 D because they would have done best sticking to their roots. Its just virtually impossible to market a 2 D game on any major console anymore. We will just have to settle with the great releases that there have been.
I played Worms 3D for about 5 minutes before I gave up in disappointment.

I played the original Worms released by Team 17 back in 1995, I think, and I have owned Worms World Party for a while now.

2d Worms is much, much better than 3d worms. It's like Lemmings 3D. Slow paced and just didn't have the charm of the 2d games.
Frequent Flyer
Worms Is My Favorite Game But I Don't Like It In 3D It's Funnyer In 2D
Worms World Party is a nice game, I have played it on Gameboy Advance. A pity that I haven't got the chance to try out Worms 3D I heard it is something like Crash Bandicoot. Is it?
Worms 1 and 2 is the best Laughing
2D Worms has been better than 3D
Worms is much more fun in 2D. I don't know witch of these old one I like the moust. I still like the original game. Very good fellings with the ninja rope there and need more skill to handle. The later 2D ones is not bad bud they all look the same Smile
Worms are good in multiplayer, because single player is too booring Cool
One of the things I like best about Worms World Party is that you can really hone your skills using the Deathmatch option.

Of course, being as the computer doesn't use any special weapons/tools (I think they only ever use grenades, bazooka, air strike and shotgun) you don't get as much of a challenge. I think I got up to Major or Highly Distinguished or something, but it's something like I have 4 worms, and I'm playing against 10 level 4 difficulty worms or something.

It's quite fun Smile.

I laugh every time I see a Concrete Donkey though.
Worms kicked ass as a 2d console game (but really only for multiplayer.) I haven't tried any of the 3d renditions, but I'm not really interested in them...they just seem like they'll mess up the whole style of worms. I played many hours of worms on n64 with my friends back in the day. Nothing beat trying to get around with the ninja rope Smile
I like Worms World Party a lot. The new Worms 4 Mayhem are very complicated and don't have to many features.
albena wrote:
I like Worms World Party a lot. The new Worms 4 Mayhem are very complicated and don't have to many features.

to u...

accually the worm 4 mayhem have many new feature.. n lost some feature too..
what had added are the worms customised sysem, weapon costomised system.. and the famous worms shop with some cool costume out every time after u play the story line or the mission...
I like the Worms franchise a lot aswell. I got to know them on the PC I think, with Worms 2 in 2D, it could also have been on the playstation, not sure, since they release those games on a lot of platforms. Didn't really like the 3D ones untill now, don't 'fascinate' me that much compared to the 2D games. Now and then when I got some time I fire up Worms Wolrd Party on my ngage, still a great game Wink.
oh really? worm4? sound interesting. i tot they not going to come out new worm game. i will go find n play. thanx guys
mansonivan wrote:
oh really? worm4? sound interesting. i tot they not going to come out new worm game. i will go find n play. thanx guys

it have been out for age...( sorry for my word)
oh yep, i have played quite a few worms games i like the worms series, although not played the games for a long time. -shrugs- i don't know why... maybe not had much time spare.
Hm, I used to love Worms: Armageddon soooo bad. I gotta find that game again, it was funny as hell to play against friends.

Ever since Worms went 3D I lost interest in the series.
Tatsumaru wrote:
Hm, I used to love Worms: Armageddon soooo bad. I gotta find that game again, it was funny as hell to play against friends.

Ever since Worms went 3D I lost interest in the series.

WHY my friend!!
i personally a Worm Bigest fan!!
Worms: Armageddon also my most playtable game!!

but WORM 3d happen to have new features that other worms dont have...
it might lost your belief in that game for a while.. but after u master the most better combination in the sure will said!! worms 3d rock!!
here are some combination tool u can use...

ninja rope + parasuit+ mine(any short range weapon)
jet pack + parasuit + ( any short range weapon)

weapon to be master...
granade...(most difficult.. for me)
super weapon ( banana, sheep...)

the more boundcy area make the game more interesting n harder to play!!
I played Worms 3D but it spoiled my GameCube... Sad I personally prefer the 2D Worms games, there is something in them that just makes them so nice to play! Wink
Worms is cool, but it is getting bored after a while. I remember turning on low grav and use the ninja rope to fly away!
Kitten Kong
This game is what happens when you take a perfectly good game and try and force it into the mold of todays graphics over gameplay environment. In my opinion graphics is the ONLY thing that has improved in games for the past few years.

3d Worms sucked. I played every 2d version of worms on PC and SEGA!!
The first Worms I played had some really cool bugs. For example one team has only 1 worm left and you kill it with a bazooka, then a replay comes and with a small chance the worm will survive this attack!
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