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Widescreen LCD monitor = better performance in games?

The following, makes no sense to me. Maybe someone can tell me what's going on.

My ancient 19 inch CRT has slowly been on it's way out for awhile now. The blacks have been turning gray and the whites turning muddy brown, and that's with the contrast/brightness turned up to 100. I finally broke down and got a new monitor on the weekend, a nice 20.1 inch widescreen LCD.

Someone explain to me how the following makes any sense, because it doesn't to me. Let's take Company of Heroes (CoH) as an example, but the following holds true for all of my games including Pacific Fighters, Half-Life 2 etc etc.

With my CRT monitor my system (P4, 2.8ghz, 1.5gb ram, nvidia 7600GS) would play CoH at either 1280x960 with some graphical goodies turned down, or at 1024x768 with all the graphics stuff maxed out. I usually opted for 1024, just because it was a bit prettier despite the lower res.

Now, with the widescreen LCD I can play it at native res, which is 1680x1080 and max detail and the frame rates are as smooth as silk. As said, 1280 with max detail made the game chug along with my CRT, but now... I seem to have gained performance. No btw, this is not all in my head either. I spent a lot of time messing with CoH early on to get the best look/highest res before settling at the limits above. If I could have run 1280 or 1600x1200 max detail, I would have... but the system just wouldn't push that much info.

Other games are the same way, I run everything I've tried so far at 1680x1080, max detail and it all runs great and I just don't understand why that is. The only thing different is the monitor, and it's not even using a DVI cable... it's just plugged in analog like the CRT was. Same system, same video cars, same drivers.

A concern before picking this new monitor up was that my machine just didn't have the horsepower to play things at the native res, so I figured i'd have to select a lower one and let the monitor scale things up... and I presumed I'd have to cope with that scaled graphic look until I got a faster machine someday. This has turned out not to be an issue.

I can't see how a new monitor could have this effect on performance, it just makes no sense at all but there we are. Before, 1280x960/med detail in CoH... more wasn't very playable. Now, 1680x1080 max detail and it plays fine.

Someone explain why this is?


ps- Yes, I always had v-sync turned off with my CRT... both in the drivers and within whichever game I was playing. I always make it a point to do that.

Weird. That is impossible, some setting must have changed when you switched panels. Maybe v-sync was "off" but really, was enabled, until you switched to the LCD. When it detected the LCD, it may have reloaded all the settings, including vsync OFF. Otherwise, I have no idea. That is weird.
Yeap I have never heard of that happening? Did some one sneak a GeForce 8 into you rig? lol thats the only thing I can think of.
interesting maybe because it's a native resolution for the card! so when using CRT you're actually straining the card to adapt to non-native resolution
it's a good theory but probably somebody has better theory!

I like to test that out on my old 17' inch CRT and change it with wide LCD screen and see how my old GF6600 will perform!
Can you tell us what FPS you were getting with your old monitor and your new one? You could also run a PCMark or 3DMark though the results will definitely not change Wink

I guess it has something to do with the way the eyes perceive images on LCDs as opposed to CRTs (like the fact that a 60Hz refresh rate on both will flicker heavily on the CRT but not on the LCD).
That's pretty weird, widescreen monitors especially are known to hate gamers.
Well, just reinstall every thing, and maybe it will clear up.
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