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it can click for strange reasons

sometines it just work out great, I kinda got a perfect match now with my girl, comunication is great.. and kinda fun story too..

(this is a happy but abit strange story)

We had been talking for some time over messenger and stuff, didn't rly know much about each other more then that we got along pretty well.

Anyways, when I grew up, it was kinda though, alot of violence in my city, and well, we ended up in fights pretty much every week, that's just how things was, if you wanted to be in the social places meeting other youngsters and have a good time, you kinda had to like the fact that there was always fights.. I did grew up with this, so I don't find it strange at all, I don't know anything else.. well ofc things can be calm and happy, but I don't know how it is when it is calm and happy..

So I was one of those kids who fought alot, ran for our lifes some times, and got shaped from the environment, raised to be a though fella who know how to defend himself (havnt picked many fights, mostly beeing jumped or attacked)..

anyways, this makes u kinda hard, a strong person who trust deeply within yourself, cause u can't count on anyone coming and save you when things are getting nasty, u either run, or stand up for yourself and pray that you will be the one standing up when it's over.

Means that you need a strong girl, someone who stand up for herself, who trust in herself and can keep her mind clear when things are kaos around you..


Enough background (tho it felt kinda needed to tell), so it's kinda hard meeting a girl that has those qualitys..

So one day I was just chillin at work, doing some graphics, and she message me, talking abit and telling me that she got kinda busted up last night.. got in a fight with another girl that was high on drugs.. told me about it, how she stod upp for herself and fought back, trying not to hurt the other girl since she was high n stuff.. and that was kinda the click..

started to talk about it and talking about living in a though neighbour hood, having to defend yourself and stuff like that.. so just kept talking and one thing lead to another.. we had our connection, we were both wild, crazy and strong indivudals who shared the same mind, working out together now, practicing, improving skills and strength, to be able to defend urself since we still hang out on those social and dangerous places.. only time I walk between her and another girl now is when my girl is about to kick her ass to the ground so I know for sure the other girl might end up in the hospital with a broken nose..

still never pick a fight.. we kinda get picked from other people looking for a fight.. I know it sounds odd, and brutal.. but since we never pick a fight and always use brutal force as a last resort I dont think we are doing anything wrong..

and seriously, what would you have done when someone is pointing a knife at you? only happend to me once, I didnt run as I maybe should have, and every time I tell the story people look at me first and think I'm some kinda psyco defending myself and not running.. (he ended up in the hospital with a broken elbow)..

anyways.. point is, it's kinda fun how u can meet people and stuff just click for a reason you could never have guessed..

do you have a strange story? or wanna say something about mine? please do so, cause I wanna read it Smile and please, don't judge me cause I defend myself or because I wanna be able to defend myself and working on it everyday to be good at it.. we choose who we are, and what we wanna do, I wanna live happy with my warrior princess and I'll keep defending myself til the day I die..
Wow ether you look too much on fightclub or you dream to much. When i read this i tought you was from a ghetto in Usa or Brasil were you really had to fight then i see you are from sweden come one are you kiding. Either you really search for fight or what ? I been around alot of places in sweden and never heard about this problems.

Other a realitionship with 2 strong individulas can be hard if both gone defend himself. If you two gone have a argue how will it end hostbital?
to be replying less sarcastic, I've seen fight club once, and no, I aint looking for a fight anywhere.. but it's just the way it is.. and alot of places in US and Sweden are perfectly safe.. however, where I grew up, we had our social places where all of us met whenever we where out, a big park with no lights, that's where all yougnsters hang out.. I mean, seriously, just because u don't see it, or read about it in the news paper, don't asume it's not true, during my last year at elementary school there were about 10 people who got expelled, one guy wrestled down a fella, another guy jumped frmo a locker down on the guy (who was wrestled down) with his knees right in his back..

3 guys where kicking on a guy lying down, stomache and back.. teachers where watching and no1 cared.. u know, those stuff happend.. the teachers said "oh, we thought you where playing" when they realised they didn't..


and yes, it can be a problem with 2 strong minds arguing, however we havnt had any problems with it yet.. I wont say that it will never happen tho, cause I can't tell..

however, this story is true.. might have lied about it if I was 14-years-old trying to be cool.. it's not about that.. it's about telling an odd story, something that actually can happen.
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