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what does friendship means to you??

what is friendship?? what friend need to?
A friendship is mostly about being honest. With honesty comes understanding and even if two people don't agree on everything they can at least communicate.

A friend is someone you can trust because you know where you stand. You know they are not saying one thing and doing another behind your back.

They are simply truthful with you and that makes for a closeness. When things get bad or you get down, a friend is ofthen there for you with a listening ear.

Sometimes it is someone that is simply returning a favour that you already did for them.

A friend is someone that writes you a nice note.

Very Happy
Well, friendship is something between to people who trust and understand each other. And that's what a friend needs to do: being honest, Trusting and understanding me. Doing this, he knows what to say to, for example, transmit a message without hurting me.
Bluedoll wrote:
A friend is someone you can trust...

I think that this is the main thing. Someone who you can realy trust!
a friend that you can get together in sad or happy, in poor or rich, in sick or health. Smile
Friends are such people with whom you can share the secrets which you cna even share with your parents.

But be careful about getting a true friend.

Don't be grim, but not too friendly also.
so do you think friendship is more important than love??? now i'm having problems with my girlfriend. i'm thinking should i just breakup with her n only treat her as friend. or i'm thinking if we break, will she still be friend with me??
A friend is not someone who pats your back and out of the blue pierces his hand through your back, grabs your heart, and pulls it out letting it beat just long enough for you to turn your head and look into his eyes.

Oops... uh... friendship is a relationship between friends--people who will help you through tough times and not add to your problems... not intentionally anyways.
For me friendship means a lot. I know that I have 2 good friends that always be there for me and I will be ythere for them.
I call friendship a relation without expectation. And real friends do not expect something from his/her friend, but they do give something special to each other, and that happens completely without expectation. I have many friends, they can do almost anything for me and I can do almost anything for them. When somebody have such mentality to others they are real friends and this is real friendship.

And one last thing, friendship is nothing but a form of Brotherhood. I would advice any one to "Discover the meaning of brotherhood". Brothers always moves arms held together.
friendship is the relationship among your friends and you. The true friends are those people who you can trust and willing to share some secret feelings with them. they are also able to make you feel better and give you some useful advises when you are sad.

friends are actually essential to all people on the world!
a friend is always there.. but sometimes friends can backstab and betray you too..
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