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Devil May Cry (Anime)

Hi there everyone,

Well, next month Devil May Cry will start airing in Japan.

Type TV Series
EPs 12
Airing/Release 14.06.2007 till ?

So the point of the thread is, what are your expectations? It's only 12 episodes so we can't expect a big story and plot IMO.
Although, I suspect we will see a lot of hack and slash very well animated that will make me :O

So, what are you all expecting?

Stay Cool !!
Zuh? This makes me afraid for my life. It means the DMC series may go the way of .hack. Sure, .hack had it's moments, but it just kept branching off into stuff noone but diehard fans would care about. If they make the DMC show an absolute killfest, they'd need one hell of a story to back it up. Otherwise, I'm not sure if it'll be worth watching.
like scott, said, there better be a decent story to the anime.

There has rarely been a good, or even decent, story to any beat-em-up/shoot-em-up games. All that have tried failed miserably like Mortal Kombat, Double Dragon, Street Fighter and the Mario Movie.

I think until the film/tv industry decide to put a full effort into making these adaptations, it is only safe to assume that all of them will be a waste of time to watch.

Of course, unless you're a die-hard fan of any series, then I guess its a must watch situation.
My speculation is that there wont be much of a plot if its gonna be just 12 episodes. Maybe it will be just a back story to the next DMC video game. I've seen anime based on games and they really didn't do well remember Final Fantasy, its quite a famous game and had a lot of following, but the anime really didn't become quite a sucess like the game it was based on. Who knows maybe DMC will turn out fine.
Woah! Is it real? PM me then if there's the release. Thanks a bunch!
This sounds like it might be good, or it might be very bad. none the less, ill be sure to check this out!
I watched the first epi.
To be honestly, It sucked for me.
I waited too much from it.
Hi guys,

Also watched the first episode of the serie and to be honest, i have to agree with Raijenki. I was expecting way too much and it sucked pretty hard. The whole episode is a bunch of hack n slash with a ver poor story. Well I pray that the next episode starts something good or else I think I am going to be reallly (if not already) disappointed with the producer that pick up such a theme as Devil May Cry and made a crappy anime out of it.

Stay Cool !!
Where can you watch the first episode, is it available in youtube? I want to watch it first before I make a comment.
Yea you could search in youtube. I felt kind so I helped you the search and here is the link to the video.

Episode 1 of devil may cry.

Next time you can just search like: "Devil may cry *" replacing the * with the episode numbers. It usually work out. Google can be your friend too.
I've watched the first episode, but it didn't hooked me up. I found it boring and a bit too "special effects show". Duh, I'm not really into it, but I will be trying like it. I prefer MAD House Death Note. Of course graphics in DMC are very good, but... storyline sucks a bit...
I just heard about this the other day from someone, and though I'm not that into the whole story of DMC *I did play all the games though, and they were fun* I'll still give the anime a shot.
Ive already watched the first episode. I can say that the animation is good. Although I cant say the same for the story though, cause its too early for that to judge it by just 1 episode. I hope that the story is good though.
I have also the first episode now. The animation is very good. I hope the rest also.
I watched the first episode, and I think it stinks...

I don't know how its possible to be bored with action scenes that intense... yet I was... maybe because Dante didn't seem to care, I didn't care.

"Oh hey, demons.. bangbangbang... kuh-yawn."
im gana take a look at it this weekend, im hoping its better than mcduquce says.
Hi there everyone,

The other day I have seen the second episode of Devil May Cry and it confirmed my theory...although the serie has pretty good special effects and the animation are up to the expectations (at least mine), the story is a complete failure and by watching the second episode which sucked hard, you will know what i am talking about.

Devil May Cry is becoming a great disappointment and a failure to transmit what DMC really is. Lots of hack n slash without a good story behind it just doesnt make any sense at all.

Stay Cool !!
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