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No job & broke....

For the past 5 months, I'm unemployed. Still looking for a job. Any job actually... But so far, no luck. Could be because I'm 38. For most company in Malaysia, that's not a prime age that employer looking for. Also because I do not have good paper qualification.

But what I lacked in qualification, I've a very good 20 years experience working in diffecrent kind of jobs until my last post as Senior IT Support Executive with biggest convenience stores in Malaysia.

It's now became frustrated and hopeless for me..

Is there anyone else out there with the same luck as mind ?
Well, I'm not unemployed, but I am stuck in a rather dead-end job. I can certainly appreciate your situation however. Sometimes the thought of being stuck in the same position can be just as detrimental as actual unemployment....but with a paycheck.

Have you tried any of the online job searches? Possibly with them you could show your skills before actually applying for a job....then you may not need the paper skills you mentioned. Smile

Just for the record....I hate my job, not here at real job.
Utopia GFR

Well, i can understand that kind of situation and it applies to anywhere in the world whether you have a good paper qualification or not.

Factors as pulling a few strings for someone to get the job, job experience in the required field (you can bypass the qualification matter if you are experienced enough), beeing underqualified (in some jobs, it works fine because the boss is looking for people willing to work for almost nothing), a thorough knowledge of several languages and fundamentals in computer science can contribute to increase your chances in having a job.

Nevertheless, only a minority of people could actually pretend having found their "dream position", quite an utopian statement I guess because it involves so many different aspects regarding the job content and all the social life within the company itself.

In Belgium, the job market is practically closed to degree holders in a bunch of fields like in mass media communication, law and medicine making it really hard to find something when you are done with college/university.

Simply because when you study, you don't really think about the job climate, you're just doing your thing.
Fortunately, I'm not unemployed.

I have a job, not an important one though, because I'm still a student.

But I do study really hard to be able to easily get a job after my studies... hope I'll find one that's great! Confused
I know that I'm really not at the correct age to be posting in this thread, but still I think I can understand your situation. It'd be really sad of you, thinking of yourself as a wasted potential..

This situation is really bad, I know of many people facing the same situation as yours, some are really close to me.. But still, I donot see a brink of sadness on their faces, they live as they used to before, the commit themselves to their families as before..

Remember, what's happening to you is probably written in your destiny. Have faith in God and He will guide you to the right path. Just have patience.

Warm Regards,
I just recently got out of your situation. I am a Graphic Designer/Network Administrator. I have over 15 years experience and two degrees. I was at my last job for over 3 years and was laid off with no warning in February. I was out of work for almost 3 months before I got my current job and it is not even in one of my preferred fields. It is the field in which I worked when I was in the military as a data analyst. It’s not as fast paced or intense as my Network Admin job but its more money and less hours. This is the second time that I have been laid off in about 6 years. The first time I was laid off I was laid off for seven months. I know what you are going through. I know it’s hard. The only advice I can give you is don’t give up and don’t get be discourage. Reexamine your skills maybe you may need to branch off into something else. Good luck man. Keep the faith. You are in my prayers
It is sometime frustrating when where ever you go or what ever you hear and see on mass media, the emphasis is always for graduate or how the government is doing lots of things to ensure that the graduate will have a better job. The emphasis is only for this group of people, people with paper qualification.

But what about people like me ? I know I am much better than most ofys out there with paper qualification, but, as the focus of everyone is to ensure people witha degree or diploma get a better future, my future is being ignore.

I've been with my former company for the past 13 years. I'm loyal but as somethings happen along the way, I'm facing this situation now. I love my previous job and the company love me but sometime things happen that you have to make tough decision and resign from your perfect career and suffers....
The internet my friend, is not my job, but my business. The internet won't discriminate you or anything and you can make money while sitting on your ass, and sometimes you don't even have to be there and you can still be making money.
Have to say -join the club. I have posted numerous resumes to get out of dancing but I just gave up and went back to it. But, next month I go back to school. I'm over quailfied for the jobs I applied, go figure... Good luck with your search and hope it works out.
Well, I do have a job, I'll quit next month tho, taking a chance, moving to a new city, starting a new life.. just got high school grades, so not that easy to get a job.. I've ben called for interviues now, on different universitys.. hope I get in.. atm I'm working with design/coding websites and other computer related stuff..

trying to get in on an education to learn more about programing.. asp .net, java, c/c++ and stuff like that.. looks good now tho.. if I dont get in. I'll always have a job as a group fitness instructor, so fun.. but paycheck sux.. no money so hard to live on it.. can also get a job as a truck driver (on an industry, so no road truck).. helps alot to have alot of papers proving that I've cleared alot of courses and educations besides from school, I'm just 20, and got some IG in school (an F, lowest grade, didnt clear the course) but still manage pretty well, tnx to my other educations.. but hey, luck can change any second.. just hope it will last so I get in to that school I wanna go to..

My best of luck to you, and as someone said, try the online stuff.. where u can show them ur work before they meet u, so they actually hire u because of your skills and don't denie you because of your age.. 38 years shouldnt be a problem, man you are still young! Very Happy
Maybe while waiting for a permanent job, I should look for a way to make money over the Internet. Anyone to guide me ? I need a way on how to go about it (no initial money from me first please - I'm kinda of broke Very Happy ). I read a lot about how people making money from Internet but I'm not sure the first step or the best way that I should follow.

A guide from anyone would be much appreciated....
im 19.. when i was 18, i couldn't get a job.. it took me a good 6-8 months to get a job, i would send away a cv for interviews and i would get no reply at all... i actually only got one reply, and that was the job im in... i know how it feels, keep ya head up... things will get better.. peace!
I've lost track of how many jobs vacancy that I've applied for. Hundreds. But as there are thousand of applicant hunting for the same jobs, I need to find a way of make my resume unique. Traditional resume does not cut it anymore. Everyone is vying for the same cake. And the people with power that received thousand of resume will do elimination process first without reading the whole resume. From my own experience, they will do these elimination steps,

1. Paper qualification - KIV anyone without it
2. Age - 20 to 28 is the prime age
3. Marital status - Married applicant normally came with family commitment baggage
4. Salary - The lower the asking price the better
5. Sex - If the HR is a guy, he would prefer prettier face & I mean ladies

From here, I know that my chance is very very very slim. To make my application stand out, I need to do something. I'm thinking of video resume or intereactive resume. Maybe animation resume (flash)....

Anyone with better ideas are welcome to share it
It depends on the position, whether something "unique" would work. For formal office settings, I can easily see a boss frowning on a flashy resumé, thinking that it's colorfullness is just hiding lack of experience.

Funny, I thought the workplace was traditional biased against women? Razz
Are there placement agencies where you live? I got my current job through a placement agency who finds employees for companies and jobs for people looking for work.
Yeah, it's surprising but as there are too much attention on gender equality and equal opportunities, the situation has reverse to a point that more attention are being given to women it resulted in there is gender biased, now towards men. People are given more attention to the ladies that sometime...I said sometime, men being denied the opportunity. Hey, if a pretty lady and an ugly men compete for the same job, definetely, the pretty will stood a better chances, more attention will definetely be given to the prettier one. hey, who said the world is fair !

I've subscribe to a number of job replacement agencies, but there are hundreds of thousand of people vying for jobs that are doing the same thing and they are younger and more qualified than me. What I do know is that I'm much better and I had experienced and job knowledge that are much better than others and would my prospective employer would benefit much if only they would give me a chances.
At alst. I got a call for me to attend an interview this coming Thursday. Even though the job is different from what I use to do, I'm still going for it. It's a sales job, Sales Executive but still related to IT. It's okay, as long I got something to look forward to. I reckon the salary also will not be as much as I'm use to get but, still, it's better than nothing, which is what I'm getting now.

Wish me luck...
Wow, I wonder what qualifications you have? I'm still a university student, so not sure about working outside. Anyway, I thought that the industry today expects much more of experience than educational qualification? Isn't that right?
Been to the interview last week. Still awaiting for the result. Slim, I think. Anyway, it is a sales job in which I do not have the experience. but they might still consider me based on my maturity an others working experience which is relevant to the product that they are selling.

I just had to wait and see...
Ever considered doing like a private business of some sort? I've been mostly self employed since I was 18...
I work in a call centre.

Okay I'm also at University but my call centre is a sad place, there are a lot of international people there waiting on Visas but there are some permanents there which are relatively hopeless. Some consolation is an article in the newspaper on the weekend about call centres being the new launching ground for careers. But that said I wish you luck in finding good work!
how does it feel like be living in the middle ofnowhere?
Yea...colelge life absolutelysux. I hav nowhere to go and i hang out on my computer's internet all daylongwatchig movies and photoshopping my pictures. I hav no ideawaht your lives are all like but ican tell you all that it sux tobe poor and homeless... oh well, school's ending in like a day anyways and lateri can go visit myparents down in Florida! hehe

so, my fellow classmates,
good luck being not poor and actually getting a life!

Fanghai44 wrote:
how does it feel like be living in the middle ofnowhere?
Yea...colelge life absolutelysux. I hav nowhere to go and i hang out on my computer's internet all daylongwatchig movies and photoshopping my pictures. I hav no ideawaht your lives are all like but ican tell you all that it sux tobe poor and homeless... oh well, school's ending in like a day anyways and lateri can go visit myparents down in Florida! hehe

so, my fellow classmates,
good luck being not poor and actually getting a life!


Shocked Even you have me at a loss for words! ('s spelled "college")
bad luck man

but don't be angry ( God Won't forget you ) you will be fine and find another one for sure

i was like you but now i get a new better one and thanks god for any thing
Vrythramax wrote:
Fanghai44 wrote:
how does it feel like be living in the middle ofnowhere?
Yea...colelge life absolutelysux. I hav nowhere to go and i hang out on my computer's internet all daylongwatchig movies and photoshopping my pictures. I hav no ideawaht your lives are all like but ican tell you all that it sux tobe poor and homeless... oh well, school's ending in like a day anyways and lateri can go visit myparents down in Florida! hehe

so, my fellow classmates,
good luck being not poor and actually getting a life!


Shocked Even you have me at a loss for words! ('s spelled "college")

Lmao wow...that sort of hurt my brain Sad
I would love to do my own things... small business maybe. But all the things I plan to do require some sort of initial capital and that would be a problem for me. As I'm without work for 6 months already, I can't afford to spend any money. Currently, I'm lucky to have some money to put foods on the table.

Any ideas out there on how to start something that would not need to much of money to be invest ?
Moved to "Jobs and Learning". Smile
Yeah, I'm both... broke and poor. I'm lookin' for a job at the moment... filled out SEVERAL applications, and still... nobody hires. Good to know I'm not the only bum out there Razz

I hope your feeling better Laughing
Thanks for the info. Any help is greatly appreciated. Anything to get me moving. I need something to support my family. I've been on my ass for far too long..
Sometime I feel like there is no suitable job for me already. It's seem that my previous jobs is my last job...ever. I still could'nt get any new opportunities. Well, if just have some money, I would have open up my own business. I got a few ideas that I think would be great and should be successful, but alas, with no capital to invest and no one to help, I'm stuck....

God, I just need one opportunity....
45 and unemployable.

I just keep trying to create my own jobs. Sooner or later something will pay off. Until then I live hand to mouth and - if I really go short of money I'll eat my hands. Wink
I myself had to forgo lots of life luxury to ensure there is food on table every day. Things like going to movies (which is my most favourite thing), buying DVD is just a memory. I can't do all this things now, I can't afford it !

But the saddest things is, that I'm unable to do thing that I want to make my wife happier, to make my son happier. Things like bringing her for a holiday, eat out at nice restaurant. Things like buying new toys for my son, buying educational tape for him to learn. This is thing that make me cried inside.

But it's also teach me to appreciate things in life more meaningful. It also showed me that I'm at the bottom now and I'm doing okay considering. And it's also showed that I had a family, especially my wife, that support and willing to sacrifice.......
Just had an interview. From feedback that I got, I'm suitable for the job and human resources is keen in employing me... BUT.... as the company is an ISO 9001, they might not be able to even though I'm the best candidate they have so far. This is due to the fact that I do not posses any paper qualifications and I'm only rely on my extensive experience and on job knowledge.

What a shame... I guess I'm stuck...
Well, I'm still stuck, with no job. It's been nearly a year. I guess 2007 is the worst year for me. But I still keep my head up and looking forward to 2008. Maybe the new year will bring me a renew luck.

I need to break from this... I need a job and I need it soon.... Situation is coming to hopeless and as days pass by, I feel more restless and feel like useless...
don't fret. if worst comes to worst you can start your own business.
I want to, believe me you. I klnow I can do my own business. I've all the necessary experience and expertise in computer servicing, repairing and I can even teach computer to both youg and old. I want to....but...

Nowadays I can barely put a food on the table, let alone spare some change to start something. I can't get a loan as I had old debt with banks.....

I just need a break and someone or some corporation to give me starting fund for me to start sometihing. I just need small change to get me starting..
It's been a year since I last had a job ! I've been without job since Jan '07 !!!!! I'm looking forward to 2008, as I hope the new year will bring some light.....

Life have been tough but along the way, there are lots of experience that I've gained. It is really an eye opening trying to get some food on the table on daily basis. But I also discover that there are lots of things that I can live without... I can forego all the luxury that I use to when I had a good income...

Hopefully, after a year I will have a JOB !!!!!
do you figure out what's the reaso for your unemployment? Is it because of your variety of job records which makes your new employer unwilling to trust you in the new job? Or is it because you are asking a payment over the capacity of the job position? Or is it because you are not doing well in interviews or your interview strategies need refining? Many reasons could lead to an unsuccess job hunting.

Oh, well, last but not least, I do think patience and insistance are two precious factors ruling in my job hunting process. And during the process, I just keep applying for any job that I was posiible to do and the application-to-interview ratio I got is 10 to 1. Sounds it is common to others. Anyway, good luck tomorrow.
Well, I think, it could be due to my age. Over here in Malaysia, once you pass 28 years old, it will be very hard to look for a new job. The employer normally will look for candidate between 18 to 28 years old. Unless, you have a good degree, which is another reason why I failed so many interview, even before they call me.

I've started a new career (at last). The salary is very low compare to my previous post, much much less. But I had to start from somewhere, the bottom, to be exact. I know I'll climb to where I want to in least than 6 months. in fact, I've been task with totally and independently overseeing a retail outlet (computer) after just 2 weeks employed.
Do they have temporary employees in Malaysia? It's been a good way for me to get my foot in the door in the past.
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