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Whats the best Graphics card????

Hey i just build my own pc its fast as hell but i dunno what Graphics card to have i want like the best graphics out price is no problem, what do you guys an girls think? Wink
Check this out
Arno v. Lumig
Yea, definately something nVidia GeForce 8800... They're around 540 dollar, IIRC.
A stock overclocked 8800Ultra would be the fastest card today Smile
Gave you a link above...

Anyway, if you care about your money (millionaire or not), you should get 8800GTX instead Smile or even 8800GTS if you own a smaller screen (20-19 inches).
The Nvidia 8000 series are too expensive for me. Confused Very few games support the new feature of those new cards. I am very pleased with my EN7600GS TOP/2DHT/256M

The Best Gaming Video Cards for the Money: May 2007
Helios hit the nail right on the head. The 8800 Ultra is the best, but not worth the absurd price markup over the 8800GTX.

Most users would be more than fine with an 8800GTS 640, or even and 8800GTS 320.
^ I agree. One would buy a GTX only for SLI, and that is if he owns a VERY large screen, with 2000+ native resolution. Ultra is for people who want to break overclocking or benchmark records. I don`t see any other reason to buy this card. With your "unlimited" budget, I would go and buy myself a nice 8800GTS 640MB Smile
Yeah have you seen the benchmarks for the Ultra Helios or did you just go by the most priciest card?

The Ultras are almost 2x as much as the I think it's the GTX but only slightly out proform them definetly not enough for the price tag.

but it also depends on how you desrib best.
He wanted the fastest card, so I gave him a link to the fastest one I could find on Newegg. Obviously, if I chose the most expensive one, I would have put a totaly unrelated Quadro card there, but that would be silly and "noobish".

As i said earlier, I would go with 8800GTS 640MB, or GTXs in SLI, if I own a really large screen.
One must have the best for his his pc whom wants it fast Very Happy lol lmfao ok yeh il have a look at the graphic cards listed above thanks all Wink
the BEST card? impossible to answer. I have an ATI x1950 Pro 512MB and love it. It chows down any game at highest settings. Call of Duty 2, Half Life 2, Rainbow Six: Vegas, all at highest settings with no problems or slow downs.
Dwyer17, the 8800 is the best card. Your card doesn't even compare. It'll get wrecked on benchmarks in comparison. And if one compares nVidia's top offering to ATI's top offering, the early benchmarks on DX9 games are showing a clear advantage to nVidia in all categories; and your 1950 isn't even ATI's best anymore. There is most definitely a "best" graphics card.
eh, aright whatever. The "best" card costs a bunch of money though. I got my card for $200, pretty good deal. I don't need the best card. The goodest card will do just fine.

He asked for the best.

The best card, in terms of performance, is the 8800 Ultra.

The best reasonably priced card is the 8800GTX.

The best value card is the 8800GTS 320 or 640.
Chillout dude i'm being sarcastic. i was saying that i dont need the best card.
Sorry, it's hard to catch sarcasm online. Razz

He was asking for the best, so when you said the goodest will do just fine, it kinda threw me off Laughing
Perhaps you would want to wait a little while until ATI releases their new R600 XTX graphics card. I don't know how much it will cost, it won't be cheap. It will take about 240 watts of power on it's own. It's about 9.5 inches long and will possess 1GB DDR4 and will crush the Nvidia 8800GTX. I'm certainly going to get it when it's released. And oh yeah, it'll support Direct X 10.

I hope to get one when they're released, I'm planning on building a computer rig. So this would most likely be the best card of choice when it's released.
I wouldn't bother with the 8800Ultra...its to much for what you get.

I read a review once that was on digg that showed a side by side of the 8800GTS 640mb vs. the 320mb and they were within 1fps in every game and the 320mb is only like $250 IIRC
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