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One then joke

Asks for money

Time rides the public transportation to go home, after boards
discovered in the wallet a Yuan zero paper money, a worry, then has
not pulled out ten Yuan big tickets to enter the coin slot.
Afterwards more wanted more to think vexed, then discussed with the
driver, could let me defend in the entrance, originally should Investment
the next station passenger coin slot the money to appropriate to
oneself? The driver agreed.

The vehicle very quickly drives to the next station, very many people
struggle are boarding. I keep off in the entrance, said to the first
passenger: "Gives the money I." Opposite party as soon as gawks: "What
depends on?" Also explained in a few words does not invite, I said:
"Has been good for me, other does not use the tube." Opposite party
takes a look at the driver, the driver nods tacitly consented to.
Thereupon, Yuan succeeds in obtaining. Concocts legally, very quickly
has received eight Yuan. Then comes up a guy, robust, is shaving the
board inch, reveals is puncturing blue. Sees me to block him, Angrily said:
"Why? Friend?" I said that, "A while said again to you that, gives first the
money I." Opposite party eyeball was all round: "What said?" I said
that, "Gives the money I!" Opposite party has publicized the mouth,
flushes the driver to ask: "This boy why?" The guy stops up in the
entrance, the behind person cannot come up, but in the compartment
person is anxious is starting out, therefore everybody shouted
chaotically: "¡ơinstigates any! Gives the money quickly!" The guy
very quick has been shrivelled. Sees only him to pull out the wallet
from the pocket to hand over, puts on a long face said: "The eldest
child, on the body on this money, your person are many, I have taken."

Some attractive young lady, after on the public transportation
put out the paper goods from the package to make an effort to scratch
the seat, is just about to when sat down, puts fart, a side gentleman
has heard, teased said: "Young lady really loves the health, has
scratched that the long time, but also must blow!"
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